Welcome to Green House Solar

On behalf of myself and the team I welcome you to the website of Green House Solar!

My name is Frank Curran, and I am a licensed electrician who started working in the solar industry in Colorado over a decade ago. When my family and I moved to northern New Jersey I knew that bringing solar energy solutions to folks was what I wanted to focus my professional energy on. Over the last decade I’ve built a successful business doing primarily Solar Panel Installations for homes, Solar Power Backup, Solar Panel Maintenance, Backup Generator Systems, and even lighting conversions for companies wanting to go LED. Lot’s of green stuff!

I have been successful I think, because I’m big enough to have all the team resources, equipment, and skillsets that people need to insure their system is installed correctly and in a timely fashion. Yet I’m not so big that I need to charge ridiculous overheads, or take an impersonal approach to the decision making process. We are straight shooters about solar, and about how WE do solar and so I don’t really have to sell folks, I think the facts about solar speak for themselves.

With our affiliation with SunPower, our customers now get the very best solar panels in the world, along with financing options that make solar affordable to everyone. They also get a lifetime support guarantee through SunPower which allows their panels to be serviced by Green House Solar, or any of dozens of authorized SunPower installers across New Jersey. You’ll never be left hanging out to dry when you go with SunPower, no matter how many years in the future you have a problem.

I really believe in, and enjoy what I do. I hope you’ll consider getting a quote from us for your Home or Office Solar or Backup Power project.





Frank Curran.