Blue Planet Energy’s Blue Ion Batteries

Blue Ion is a solar energy storage solution that represents another milestone in battery development and sets the bar for battery performance.

Rapid recharging captures all the energy your solar panels can make. 100% discharge means you can use the entire battery, unlike some battery technologies that only allow 50% discharge. The 8000 cycle charge/drain capability is more than double all other battery technologies currently in use for solar backup.

Green House Solar now offers installation and support for the Blue Ion system, for those who want a no-compromises solution. We are confident in the long life of these systems and they offer the best performance warranty available.

A Note About Safety:

The science of Blue Ion Ferrous Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries means safety – they require no rare minerals and are stable under the most challenging physical conditions, unlike other lithium batteries. You can rest easy knowing that the product we are installing is the safest for homes and businesses.