Why Solar Power Isn’t a DIY Job

DIY is a great way for homeowners to save on home improvement projects, from painting and landscaping to repairing roof shingles and minor repairs. When it comes to solar systems, however, it’s highly recommended that you call in professional solar companies in Morris County NJ rather than taking on the job yourself. Here’s why.

• There’s no standard system: Every home solar system has to be designed from scratch – there’s no off-the-shelf, standardized system. This is because every home’s structure, position and energy needs are different, so the system has to be designed to take into account unique challenges and opportunities. Without this kind of professional input, your system is unlikely to deliver the results you want.

• Solar installation is complex: Designing the system is only the first step and there’s a lot of challenges to properly installing a solar system. Firstly, your roof has to be able to safely support the panels or your home’s structure could be put at risk. This means a comprehensive inspection and repairs. Then, heavy and expensive panes need to be safely lifted to the roof and secured to handle even the most high-impact weather. The team also then has to work with complex wiring and specialized equipment to ensure that the panels are properly operational and safe to connect to your home’s wiring. This requires qualified, experienced technicians to ensure there is no fire or safety hazards, and that everything is done up to code.

• Improperly installed solar systems can be dangerous: Years of training and experience are needed to work on solar installation in Morris County, NJ, and there’s a good reason for that. Badly installed panels and batteries can catch fire, come loose in high winds or cause dangerous electrical faults in your home, or cause your inverter to explode.

• You can’t benefit from State and Federal incentives: In NJ, there are several great programs that allow homeowners to benefit directly from their solar systems, from significantly reduced installation costs to selling excess energy your panels produce back into the grid for profit. However, these programs require you to partner with qualified solar companies to ensure that the system is guaranteed safe and effective. The short-term savings of going the DIY route are far less than the long-term benefits from these incentives.

Partner with Professional, Affordable Solar Companies in Morris County, NJ

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