Why a Solar Backup System is the Best Christmas Gift for Your Home!

Residential solar panels are one of the most popular and cost-effective upgrades for your home. If you want to get the most out of your system, then now’s the perfect time to give your home a fantastic gift – a solar storage backup system! Here are some of the many benefits of this investment, from the specialists in solar backup in Morris County, NJ.

Constant Availability of Renewable Energy: 

Solar panels only generate electricity during daylight hours, which means that your home is still pulling power from the grid after the sun goes down. With a solar backup system consisting of powerful batteries, you can store excess renewable energy from the day and use it at night – and light up the neighborhood with your festive Christmas lights!

No More Blackouts: 

Many people choose to move their home into solar power so that they don’t have to deal with power outages on the grid. However, you won’t have 100% energy security unless you have a solar power storage system. Without it, your home will be in darkness if there’s a blackout on the grid at night.

A Green Home: 

If you moved onto solar power to support the environment, then your move isn’t complete without a solar storage system, as you’ll still be partially reliant on coal-generated energy of the grid.

Peace and Quiet: 

If your home is off the grid, a backup power system is always a good idea. However, a diesel or biogas generator isn’t always the best choice. Why not? Well, they’re noisy, emit unhealthy fumes, and require flammable fuel that needs to be stored safely. Solar backup systems are a great alternative as they are exceptionally quiet, low maintenance, and unobtrusive. They’ll simply store any excess solar power generated by your panels for use as needed.

Reduce Home Energy Costs Even Further: 

A significant benefit of solar power is that it’s free. Even though the solar power systems themselves carry costs, there are great rebates and finance plans on offer to NJ residents to make them as affordable as possible. And, once they’re paid off, you’ll have free energy. Having a solar backup system not only adds a little more to your investment but it can also help you pay off your system faster and get you even lower energy bills. You won’t have to use energy from the grid at all, and excess energy can be sold back to the grid through the SREC system for additional cash.

Find Out More About Solar Storage Systems in Morris County, NJ 

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