What Is the Future of Solar Power?

Solar power cell technology was first invented in 1839 by a French physicist, Edmond Becquerel. But, it’s come a long way since those early days. Like all cutting-edge technology, solar panel systems are constantly evolving to become more effective, more advanced, and more affordable. So, what can we expect for the future of solar power? Here are some insights from our team specializing in home solar in Morris County, NJ.

Increased Solar Panel Efficiency 

One of the biggest challenges in solar panel technology is efficiency – converting as much sunlight as possible into energy. It’s an incredibly difficult thing to do and even the most high-performance solar panels on the market currently are considered incredibly efficient at 22 to 23%.

There’s a huge drive to create more effective and efficient panels because of how beneficial they’ll be to consumers. By increasing efficiency, for example, solar panels can be smaller. This will allow people to generate solar power for their homes using less roof space, and it means multi-family buildings can effectively supply solar energy to all households within them using very limited roof space. Another benefit would be that buildings in low-light situations and low light climates can still power all their electrical needs with just a few panels.

Solar Farms 

Huge fields of solar panels are slowly becoming a reality, allowing large-scale solar farming to take place. In 2008, the first floating solar panel system was installed in California’s Napa Valley. In 2019, South African farmers built their own floating solar farm – the first in Africa. And Singapore is aiming to build the largest floating solar farm in the world in the next year, covering an amazing 45 football fields of space.

These solar farms are a huge boost to sustainable energy goals, allowing solar to become more accessible to more people. This is especially important in cities and locations where people don’t have the space, finances or permissions to install their own home solar systems. The farms feed solar power directly into the grid, reducing electricity costs and allowing you access to renewable energy with ease. As solar panels become more efficient, solar farms can dramatically increase their output.

Make Your Home More Sustainable and Experience the Cost Savings of Home Solar in Morris County, NJ 

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