No two solar panels are alike. While they may look extremely similar at a first glance, it’s important to choose a solar panel provider that is reputable and high quality. As someone who is just transitioning to the world of renewable solar energy, you want to be sure your panels are built to last. The other major concern is making sure your panels are equipped with advanced technology that may help you future-proof your install, and even save more money as time moves on. Luckily, Green House Solar understands fully the economics of quality over quantity and offers products by  SunPower®, widely regarded as designers and manufacturers of the world’s most advanced and most efficient solar panels. In this article, we’ll explore the forward-thinking technology and features that make SunPower a leader in the solar industry – and how these systems contribute to maximizing energy production and savings for all solar panel installations.

What Sets SunPower® Technology Apart?

SunPower, with over 35 years of R&D expertise, stands out as the sole U.S.-based solar company with a longer track record than its 25-year comprehensive warranty. Renowned as an industry leader delivering residential solar panels and storage solutions, the company boasts a portfolio of over 1,000 patents for its cutting-edge solar technologies. Perhaps, the most notable highlight of SunPower’s technology is the Maxeon solar cell technology, meticulously designed to accommodate the shifting seasons and thermal expansion across different environments. SunPower panels are engineered for longevity, featuring an anticipated 40-year lifespan and minimal annual degradation. This robust design model ensures that customers reap the benefits of their solar investment for decades.

On top of durability and ROI, SunPower’s dedication to aesthetics shines through its exclusive backplate technology. This forward-thinking design eliminates the presence of unsightly lines or silver solder commonly seen on the front of solar cells. Instead, SunPower employs solid copper backplates, resulting in a more streamlined and cleaner appearance that seamlessly integrates panels into any surroundings – whether on the roof or on the ground. 

SunPower® Solar Panels Come with an Advanced Monitoring Solution


As an Elite Dealer of SunPower solar panels, Green House Solar provides an advanced monitoring solution: EnergyLink™. The hardware and software of EnergyLink™ work together to help homeowners keep tabs on both power production and power consumption. The hardware collects information from your solar panel inverters and sends the data back to SunPower’s internet server. The software, also known as the customer portal app, can help you remotely monitor your solar panels from anywhere with a WiFi connection! As long as you have a smartphone or computer, you can easily download the app to monitor your system’s performance, view your environmental impact and get immediate answers to your support questions. If you have the consumption meter installed with your SunPower system, you can also observe how much energy you’re using, compare it to what you’re producing each month, and get expert recommendations on how to reduce and save your energy more efficiently. This is not a feature to ignore! The more energy you save each month equates to more money you save on energy bills.  

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The best solar panels for cloudy days

While solar panels generate the most energy on a bright sunny day, it’s a myth that you must have year-round sun in order to reap the benefits of a home solar system. People in all different types of climates are able to power their homes using solar panels. Whether you live in sunny Florida, cloudy Seattle, or a place that has a little bit of both like New Jersey,  you can still enjoy the benefits of residential solar systems with the right type of solar technology. In this article, we will go over the type of solar panels that are the most beneficial to a climate that is not always sunshine and rainbows.  

Solar panels for low irradiance conditions

Low irradiance simply means not a lot of sunlight. Here in New Jersey we have our fair share of sunny days, but during the winter months we also have many consecutive days where we don’t see the sun. SunPower, one of the most popular premium brands of solar panels, regularly publishes data that shows how well their solar panels work in cloudy conditions. 

For climates that have more cloudy days than sunny skies, we recommend solar panels with monocrystalline silicon cells. Other technologies that solar manufacturers use to increase efficiency in cloudy conditions include bifacial panels, half-cut cells, and Passivated Emitter Rear Cell (PERC) technology. 

While there aren’t any solar panels that are specifically designed to perform better on cloudy days, there are technologies that help make solar panels more efficient. In addition, homeowners can invest in solar storage, so any excess energy generated on a sunny day can be used later, like during a rainy spell. 

Contact the experts for residential solar installation in NJ

If you’re interested in a home solar system, but you’re unsure about how much energy it will generate to power your home, contact our team at Green House Solar. New Jersey experiences a range of weather conditions, and we can help you decide what solar technology will work best for you. While roof installation is ideal, it’s not a deal-breaker if your roof isn’t suitable. Alternatively, we can install solar trackers or ground mounts around your property that will have you generating clean energy in no time. 

For more information about the best solar panels for cloudy days, or if you have any questions about New Jersey solar panel installation, please contact our team at Green House Solar.