Solar Panel Consultation with Green House Solar

Perhaps you’ve been considering installing a solar panel system at home, but you have questions and you’re not quite ready to commit. Why not schedule a solar panel consultation with a reputable company in your area, like Green House Solar? Choosing to install a solar system panels for your home is certainly an investment, and a consultation is a great way to answer your questions, manage your expectations, and help you make a final decision on solar that’s right for you. 

What To Expect From Your Residential Solar Consultation 

We offer on-site and virtual consultations via Zoom for your convenience, so there’s no need to come to our office in Madisondrive all the way to our store, unless of course that’s your preference. A typical solar panel consultation is simply a conversation between you and one of our experienced team members. We’ll discuss the range of market-leading home solar systems we install and maintain, while also learning more about your energy needs and your desire to harness the power of clean, renewable energy. Once we know more about what type of roof you have, we’ll explain what your best options are for solar panel placements. 

We encourage you to ask a lot of questions during the consultation, because this is your chance to gather all of the important information needed to make your decision. 

Questions You May Want To Ask Your Solar Panel Consultant

  • What incentives are available for going solar in my area?
  • Is my roof suitable to support solar panels? If not, what are my options?
  • Where can I put panels and how many will I need to power my home?
  • Will the solar system produce enough power to eliminate my electric bill?
  • What happens when it’s dark, cloudy, or raining?
  • What kind of maintenance does a home solar system require?
  • Can you tell me more about solar batteries, and do I absolutely need one?

Next Steps When Moving Forward With Your Solar Install in NJ

Once you’ve made the decision to install a home solar system, our team in NJ will visit your home and do a survey of your property, including a roof check. During our site survey, we’ll confirm that the design you have selected will work on your property, and we will submit engineering designs and permits, and schedule your installation. Most solar installations take around two days, so you’ll be using renewable energy to power your home in no time.

If you’d like more information, or if you’re ready to schedule your solar panel consultation, please contact our team at Green House Solar today at: