Spring into Solar

While you can install home solar year-round in Morris County, NJ, spring is definitely the best time of year to make the most of your investment. Here’s why, from our home solar team.

  • The weather: Winter weather isn’t the best for home improvement projects – roofs are slippery and covered in snow, the wind is howling and it’s not exactly warm. This is especially true for solar panel installations, as your roof will have to be properly inspected, evaluated to position the panels optimally, and repaired to ensure that the installation can go ahead safely. Spring is perfect, however, and that makes installing your home solar system faster, easier and safer. And, of course, the sun is out and ready for your new panels to get you those great savings!
  • Tax refunds: One of the biggest barriers to installing home solar is the initial cost, even though your system will pay it off in the long-run. Fortunately, there are state and federal incentives, including tax credits, to help make this a more affordable project. But there’s no time to waste – time is running out on NJ solar incentives which are set to change in 2019.
  • We’re over the festive season cash crunch: The festive season usually means spending – on holidays, great presents, and all those great things we all love – but it does mean that January and February can be a bit of a financial challenge. By the spring, we can all start looking at home improvement projects we’d like to do – and solar panels are a great choice for adding more to those future savings!

If you already have solar panels in place, spring is also the perfect time to do your annual maintenance and cleaning. This will ensure that any minor repairs or maintenance issues are affordably taken care of and that your panels are optimized to take full advantage of the hot summer on the horizon.

Solar Panel Maintenance from Home Solar Specialists in Morris County, NJ 

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