NJ Solar Battery Backup Systems with
Enphase and SunPower

With the increasing unpredictability of NJ weather and increased incidents of power outages, Green House Solar highly recommends our solar customers consider the addition of solar powered battery backup. With these systems, your solar panel array can continue to power your home through outages that last hours, days, or even weeks*, adding even more value to your solar panel system.

Green House Solar sells and installs the top-of-the-line SunPower Equinox system This system features state of the art high-efficiency Maxeon solar cell technology and we have found it to be the most reliable and provides the longest lasting power, of any system currently available. For you technical folks out there, you should understand that these cells achieve a CEC efficiency rating of a record-breaking 97%, for the 96-cell PV module.

With solar power backup batteries, unlike gas powered generator systems, you don’t need to worry about buying gas, or hooking up a noisy generator in the middle of a storm. Solar backup systems can not only provide you virtually instant backup power switchover but they enable your solar panels, to continue working during the outage, providing additional power and battery charging whenever the sun is out.

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Enphase is the Industry Leading Solution for Solar Backup and Solar EV Charging

Enphase Microinverter: A Top Tier Solution for Solar Systems in NJ and Beyond!

The IQ7A Microinverter used in the Enphase battery is a groundbreaking solution that streamlines the installation processes while ensuring exceptional system efficiency for modules ranging from 60-cell to 96-cell configurations. As a vital component of the Enphase IQ System, the IQ7A seamlessly integrates with the Enphase IQ Battery, IQ Gateway, and Enphase App for easy yet comprehensive monitoring and analysis.

With the increasing unpredictability of NJ weather and power outages, Green House Solar highly recommends both our residential and commercial customers consider the addition of a solar powered battery backup. With Enphase microinverters and solar batteries, your SunPower solar panels can continue to power your home or business through outages that last hours, days or even weeks, adding even more value to your solar energy solution.

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Why the Enphase IQ5P Solar Battery is the Ultimate Backup

This is a smart battery that seamlessly works alongside every other component in the SunPower Equinox system. The Enphase IQ5P battery can store excess energy produced by the SunPower Equinox to reduce bills during peak-time hours, ensure power continuity during outages, or even embracing an “off-grid lifestyle.” Some of its most optimal features include:

  • 15 year limited warranty
  • Fully integrated AC battery system
  • Field-replaceable components 
  • Stable lithium iron phosphate (LFP) chemistry for maximum safety and longevity
  • Cools passively with no moving parts or fans 
  • Uses control cabling for fast and consistent connection
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Remote software and firmware upgrades
  • Grid-forming capability for backup operation
  • Offers homeowners remote monitoring and control from the Enphase App
  • Supports backup, self-consumption, and time of use (TOU) modes

Feel free to call us and set up a free consultation to discuss solar battery storage solutions. We sell the best quality equipment on the market through SunPower and Enphase. Not to mention, we have been working with solar battery systems for well over a decade in Northern NJ. Let us help you figure out how home energy storage solutions can work for you and your family.

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