Solar panel mount types

Have you decided to install solar panels on your home? As they’ve grown in popularity and increased in affordability, solar panels have become a popular choice for so many people in the Tristate area who want to harness the power of the sun, while reducing their energy consumption. There’s no one size fits all type of solar panel set up, and there are several factors that will determine what type of solar panels will work best with your roof. 

There are also different choices regarding solar panel mounts, and in this article we explain the different types to help you decide which one will work best for you.

  • Sloped roof mounts The vast majority of homes have sloped roofs, and there are several sloped roof mount systems that may work with your roof, including railed, shared rail, rail-less, and ballasted and non-penetrating mounting systems. Factors like the size and material of your roof will influence which type of mount will be most suitable:
  • Railed mounts – One of the most common mount types, this system attaches to your roof with rails, and the rails support the solar panels. After each rail is affixed to your roof with a bolt of a screw, the solar panels are attached to the rails using clamps. 
  • Shared rail mounts – This mount allows for more solar panels to fit in a smaller space by using three rails instead of four, and attaching two rows of solar panels to those three rails. Fewer roof attachments are needed with a shared rail mount, and you can position your solar panels in any orientation.
  • Rail-less mounts – As the name suggests, no rails are involved in this mount, and instead the solar panels attach directly to bolts or screws affixed to your roof. 
  • Ballasted and non-penetrating mounts – These mounts were once used exclusively on large, flat roofs like warehouses and shopping malls, but they’re becoming more popular in residential installations. These mounts are draped over the peak of your roof and can be affixed using small concrete pavers if needed.

Choosing a trusted solar company in NJ

Now that you’ve decided to invest in home solar installation, the next step is finding a reputable solar company to assess your home’s suitability, recommend a solar panel system including mounts, and give you an estimated budget and timeline. If you’ve seen homes in your area with solar panels, perhaps drop the homeowner a note to find out more about their solar supplier and get their opinion of the experience. We also recommend doing online research and seeking out credible customer reviews.

For more information about solar installation in Morris County NJ, or if you have any questions, please contact our team at Green House Solar today.