Why You Don’t Want to DIY Your Solar Panel Installation

Are you thinking about installing your own solar panels in NJ? While it’s great that you’re ready to power your home or business with clean, free, renewable energy, solar panel installation is a job that requires the precision and expertise that comes with years of experience. With that said, we recommend you leave the installation to a trusted solar installer in the area. If you’re not yet convinced to hire a professional, here are just a few more reasons why you don’t want to DIY your solar panel installation.

Requires a Lot of Time and Effort That You Might Not Have 

Your solar panels must be placed in a very precise position to maximize their efficiency, and if you don’t know what you’re doing, you’ll likely have to start over until you get it right. Not to mention, solar panel installation can be a big job depending on the size of your roof. Combine those two big factors and you really won’t want to waste your time and energy by installing incorrectly. 

Greater Risk of Roof Damage and Leaks

Most solar panels affix to the roof, and you need to know how to secure your solar panels without damaging your roof or causing any leaks. Although your roof might seem hardy and indestructible, you can ruin it easily if you’re not careful. You might think you’re saving money by DIY, but if you damage your roof in the process – the roof repair in conjunction with the panel installation will end up costing you more money in the end. 

Inexperience Breeds Physical Danger

Working up on the roof of your home or business is inherently dangerous. Even professionals, like roofers, solar panel installation teams, and house painters always take extra precautions when working on a roof. One misstep and you can have a serious fall, or you might discover there are weak spots in your roof that don’t support your body weight. 

Inability to Claim Incentives

Certain tax rebates are available to homeowners who have solar panels, but only if a certified company has performed the installation. You don’t want to miss out on big potential savings, in addition to the money you’ll be saving on your monthly energy bills. This is especially lucrative as the Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit has been expanded to 30% and will apply to all certified solar panel installations that began in 2022! 

No Support for Faults or Warranty Claims

What happens if you install your own solar system and it breaks? What if it stops working? You’ll be able to get a warranty if a certified company handles your solar panel installation, which protects you in the event that your solar system breaks or malfunctions. 

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