Installing your solar panels on the roof is what most people think of when they’re pricing solar installers but that’s actually the last step of a very careful and thoughtful process.

At Green House solar, we want to be the company that takes you through every bit of those steps to make your sure your entry into the solar world is thoughtful, well communicated and as economical as possible.

The Steps to Get Your Solar Panels Installed in New Jersey

Assuming you’ve chosen a reputable company for your solar panel installation, there are a number of planning steps that a good installer will take you through. One advantage Green House Solar has is that we are also fully licensed NJ electricians as well, so we can make enhancements to your solar installation cost effectively that will improve your solar system in ways both large and small. Other companies have to sub contract their electrical work making them both more expensive, and eager to do the minimum required to get on and off your roof!  At Greenhouse, we’re in this for the long haul and our personal approach to doing the work shows it.

Here are the steps we go through prior to actually installing solar panels on New Jersey homes.

  1. Energy Consumption Review – While everyone does this, that doesn’t mean it isn’t critically important to understanding how economical your solar installation will be. It’s important to see how you will save energy costs over your current use, what peak periods you have, and even what other opportunities exist for you to save money on energy, beyond solar… If going “off the grid” is your priority, then discussions of solar backup power systems and electrical generators may be important too. You can have these conversations with Green House Solar because as licensed electricians, we do it all.
  2. Site Analysis – Many Solar installers ignore this part, but the fact is that some houses are easier to add solar panels to, and do the internal wiring for, than others. Some installers run visible wiring to your box instead of going through great pains to hide it like we do. Instead of just adding a single (large) dollar amount for this, Greenhouse will analyze your roof, your layout, and your existing electrical system to give the most effective installation cost possible with no surprises.
  3. Financing Recommendation – To buy or to finance, that’s the question for most homeowner. While some folks want a zero dollars down approach regardless of the cost, others may want to finance  some or most of their installation. The optimal answer to this depends on analysis of a number of factors
    1. Your monthly energy usage
    2. The expected energy yield of the solar panel installation that fits on your roof. Factors such as roof azimuth, tree coverage, square footage, and roof integrity and cosmetic concerns all contribute to this in one way or another. We figure it all out for you and present you the best options.
    3. NJ SREC rates. These rebates make NJ Solar Panel Installation much more affordable but their rates fluctuate through a market based system.
    4. The cost of the panels you select and your installation costs.
    5. What you can afford. Sometimes this is the bottom line. Either you can pay some money up front or you can’t. The more you pay up front, the less you have to finance and the quicker your solar panel system will pay for itself through monthly energy savings.  Make sense?
  4. Design and Design Approval. Using one of our CAD designers we’ll create a detailed blueprint for your installation which you will approve before any work proceeds.
  5. Permits. Don’t forget about making nice with your town! We’ve handled the permitting process all over Morris County, and other New Jersey counties and are intimately familiar with the process and the gotcha’s. This can take as little as a week or up to a month depending on your municipality.

Congratulations! Your NJ Solar Panel Installation Project is Ready to Start!

After all this, NOW you can install your solar panels!

Installation times vary greatly depending on the size and complexity of the install but the vast majority can be completed in less than a week. After installation there is typically a final inspection by your town’s building inspector, the utility company and the state.

Once everyone signs off on your installation, we can flip the switch so to speak.  Let the energy savings begin!


There is not a lot of maintenance required on solar panels, but cleaning them seasonally really helps them stay at maximum efficiency.

If you’d prefer not to be running around your roof, then you can hire us to come take care of it for you. It’s not that expensive and in the process we will check out your whole system to make sure its all running at maximum efficiency. We offer a solar system diagnostic test to ensure that your system is performing at peak capacity.

Our diagnostic testing includes:

  • Debris Removal
  • Animal and Nest Removal!
  • Module visual inspection
  • Inverters inspection
  • Inverter cleaning
  • Switches & circuits inspection
  • Racking & mounting inspection

Annual testing starts at $299 (for systems of 13 kw and under)  and comes with a free panel cleaning.  We recommend doing a complete diagnostic test every  year.

About Green House Solar

Green House Solar provides complete solar installations to homeowners and businesses without the massive cost overhead of big-box solar companies. We are knowledgeable, honest, and we follow through on our promises. Best of all we don’t disappear after the sale is made and can maintain and service your installation for many years to come.

We are NABCEP certified PV Installers and licensed NJ Electrical Contractors. We provide a number of different services related to Solar Energy systems:

  • Customized Solar system Design
  • Complete Solar Installations, we handle everything.
  • Solar System Troubleshooting and Maintenance
  • Battery Back-up Solar Power Systems
  • Available for electrical sub-contracting for Solar Projects

Please add us to your short list when considering installers for you next Solar project. We look forward to meeting you!