Should I Invest in A Back-up System for My Solar-Powered Home?

In recent years, solar power systems for homes have become more affordable and more effective, making them a rewarding investment for homeowners who want access to reliable, renewable energy. One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is whether or not it is important to invest in solar backup systems as well as solar panels. Here’s some insight from the specialists in solar storage in Morris County, NJ.

Home Solar Systems Without Solar Backup

Firstly, let’s take a look at the performance of a home solar system that has no backup or energy storage system. These systems work by connecting your home to both solar panels and the local grid, so you can pull electricity from both. Energy from the solar panels is directed into the household and can supply all or part of the home’s requirements as any shortfall will pull directly from the grid.

The advantages of this system is that it can be as large or as small as you’d like it to be (the bigger the system, the less reliant you are on the grid), it’s less expensive to install, there are fewer components to maintain, and you still benefit from cost-savings and a smaller environmental footprint.

However, there are disadvantages. Solar panels will need electricity to work, and if there is no solar backup system, it gets this electricity from the grid. This means that if the grid goes down due to a blackout, natural disaster or manmade disaster, your home won’t have any power. The panels also require sunshine to provide you with electricity, so you’ll be totally reliant on the grid at night time or very dark days.

Home Solar Systems That Include Solar Storage

These systems are slightly more complex, as they include a battery system that allows solar energy that is produced during the day to be stored and used as needed. This means that the system can be completely independent of the grid if you wish, and that you can use stored solar power at night or during a blackout as well as to power your solar panels.

Although home solar solutions that include solar backup are more costly to install and require more maintenance, the benefits are significant with massive long-term cost savings if you install a comprehensive system. You can also sell excess solar power back into the grid for additional income and keep the lights on regardless of activity on the local grid. This is the solution that provides the most independence and the greatest ecological benefits.

High-Quality Solar Backup Systems from Solar Storage Specialists in Morris County, NJ

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