Replace that Noisy Generator with Quiet Solar Energy Storage!

Generators have held the lay of the land for quite some time. However, that doesn’t mean it’s the right solution. It’s definitely not the most fuel-efficient compared to solar battery backup. Although solar battery storage is only available to homeowners who already have solar panels installed – investing in this energy solution is a no-brainer with the way our economic climate is heading. Not to mention, with the Federal Investment Tax Credit now being 30% for installations through the year 2032 and other financing incentives available, it has become way more affordable to the average homeowner. Let’s take a closer look at generators and narrow down why solar storage can be the ideal solution for you. 

Generators vs. Solar Battery Backup: Making the Switch

Generators have long been the go-to solution for backup power, but are they really the best choice for your home? Let’s weigh the pros and cons:

Pros of Generators:

  • Ease of Use: With generators being a familiar technology, they’re easy to buy, install, and maintain.
  • Dependability: Regardless of the weather, generators can reliably power your home or business day and night.
  • Portability: Many generators are portable, offering flexibility in placement for emergency backup power.


Cons of Generators:

  • Environmental Impact: Generators rely on fossil fuels, releasing CO2 and other greenhouse gasses during each use.
  • Safety Concerns: Proper usage is crucial to prevent hazards like carbon monoxide poisoning, electrical shocks, and fires.
  • Noise and Odor: Generators can be noisy and emit unpleasant smells, adding to pollution.
  • Underutilization: Often sitting idle for most of the year, generators can be seen as an inefficient use of space and resources.
  • Maintenance Costs: Generators require regular servicing, refueling, and maintenance, adding to ongoing expenses.

So, what’s the alternative? Solar battery backup systems offer a cleaner, more sustainable solution. Here’s why they might be a better fit for your home:

Solar Battery Backup Considerations

Configuration: Choose between AC- or DC-coupled systems based on your installation needs.

Capacity: Larger batteries store more solar power, helping offset a larger portion of your energy bills.

Cost: While initial costs may be higher, solar batteries offer long-term savings by harnessing free energy from the sun.

Design: Many batteries now come in aesthetically pleasing encasements to blend seamlessly with your home.

Warranty: Look for warranties that offer confidence in the technology’s lifespan and performance.

Enphase IQ Solar Batteries Available at Green House Solar in NJ

Best for: Customizable configurations with models like IQ 3, IQ 3T, IQ 10, and IQ 10T.

Average Cost: Ranging from $3,000 to $9,000 depending on the model. Plus, we can help you navigate all the state and federal financial incentives available to you so you can save as much as possible on upfront costs. 

New Jersey weather and power outages are unpredictable – don’t be left without a fighting chance. In that vein, Green House Solar highly recommends both our residential and commercial customers consider the addition of an Enphase IQ solar battery backup along with their SunPower Equinox system. Enphase IQ batteries utilize micro inverter technology for enhanced safety and reliability, backed by a 10-year warranty with options for extension. They are a top-tier solution on the market, and connect seamlessly to your existing SunPower Equinox solar system. 

With Enphase batteries in place, your solar panels can continue to power your home or business through outages that last days or even weeks, adding even more value to your solar energy solution. Not to mention, your whole system can be accessed remotely via the Enphase App. Which means, no matter where you are, as long as there is a WiFi signal, you can receive comprehensive monitoring and analysis on your solar energy habits.     

Give us a call today to learn more about the advanced Enphase solar batteries that work alongside your SunPower Equinox solar system: (973) 986-2844 or visit our website at: