Planning for a home solar electric system

Once you’ve made the decision to have a home solar system installed, you may be wondering “what now?” As the interest in renewable energy continues to increase, many people across the country are enjoying the benefits of residential solar panels, and at Green House Solar we’re happy to offer our expert advice on how to best plan for your home solar electric system. Here are several important things to know and consider:

  • Schedule a roof inspection to learn what’s possible. Not all roofs are suitable for solar panels, and you’ll need a professional solar installer to conduct an inspection to determine eligibility. But don’t worry if your roof isn’t able to support solar panels – you can still have them installed at other locations on your property. 
  • Investigate the energy efficiency of your home. We recommend that you be fully aware of your home’s energy usage before installing solar panels. This way, you can spot potential areas for savings and opportunities for improving your home’s energy efficiency. 
  • Review your solar options. While it is certainly possible to buy and install a solar system that is solely yours, this isn’t the only option anymore. Other options include solar leases and community or shared solar. Green House Solar can give you advice about what type of system we believe will work best for you once we understand your energy needs.
  • Estimate how much solar electricity you’ll use monthly. We can help you do this with a brief glance at your monthly energy bill. We’ll also need to know if you plan on making any changes to your home in the near future, like building an addition or buying an electric car. 
  • Get estimates from several trusted solar installers. As with most things, it’s wise to seek a second (and third) opinion. Do not just go with the first company you find. Compare the estimates of each company and ensure each one includes post-installation customer care.

Is your NJ home ready for solar panels? 

When you’re ready to start the planning process, we suggest working with your local solar installer who will provide valuable insight and recommendations. They’ll be aware of any potential issues that may arise and can help you navigate any complications. Planning for and installing solar panels may seem like a daunting undertaking. However, when you work with a trusted solar supplier, you’ll find the process straightforward, and you’ll be well on your way to using completely clean energy.

For more information about home solar systems, or if you have any questions about solar panel installation for your home or small business, please contact our team at Green House Solar today. Discover why we’re the trusted home solar supplier for so many people in Morris County, NJ.