New Legislation for Commercial and Home Solar in New Jersey

New Jersey holds first place for solar PV capacity in the USA with an impressive 2.8 GW from around 110,000 individual installations! This is largely due to the state’s progressive green energy programs and legislation for residential and commercial solar. However, these regulations are set to change in a few years. Here’s some insight into the current upcoming legislation from the specialists in home solar in Morris County, NJ.


  • Solar Incentives are Changing, Not Vanishing 


The current legislation, which is set to end the fantastic SREC (Solar Renewable Energy Credits) program, was never meant to be permanent. It was simply the start of a much broader program. However, this still has significant implications that home and business owners who are considering solar systems need to know about, such as:

  • No new SREC applications will be granted from June 1, 2021. However, applications to the program are still limited and may run out before this date. This is because the program automatically closes when the state’s energy providers reach the goal of 5.1% renewable energy.
  • If you are granted your SREC application, it is valid for 10 years only. This is regardless of when the program closes, so you can get your solar panels installed this month and still receive 10 years of SREC benefits.
  • When the SREC program closes, the Board of Public Utilities will conduct a study to determine how the SREC program can be modified or replaced to keep the state on track to meet new renewable energy goals. This includes raising the goals, introducing new incentives and subsidies, introducing community solar energy programs, and more – all with the aim of making the state a leader in renewable energy.

This means that, for home and business owners in NJ, the benefits and incentives for choosing solar aren’t temporary. They are long-term benefits that focus on making energy bills as affordable as possible while benefiting the environment.

Affordable, High-Efficiency Home Solar in Morris County, NJ 

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