Is solar battery storage worth it?

If you have a home solar system you may have heard about solar battery storage, but what exactly is it, what are the benefits, and is it worth it? Many people across the country already enjoy the benefits of solar panels: lower monthly energy bills, using completely clean and renewable energy, and the ability to divest from the grid, to name a few. So, if you’re interested in enhancing your home solar system you may want to consider investing in solar battery storage.


What is solar battery storage?

As the name suggests, solar battery storage allows you to store excess electricity to use in your home at a later date and time. For example, on a bright sunny day your solar panels will probably generate more electricity than you can use that day. So when you have solar battery storage, the excess electricity is stored there until the sun goes down or until your home requires additional energy. 


Benefits of solar battery storage

  • You’ll use more of the energy your solar panels have already generated. Because excess energy is sent to storage and not sold back to the grid, none of the energy your solar panels generate will be wasted.
  • It gives you added protection. Although solar panels do generate energy on cloudy days, having solar battery storage ensures you have a reservoir of energy to use just in case.
  • You’ll be less dependent on the grid. People with solar panels still sometimes use energy from the grid if their panels haven’t generated enough. Rather than draw energy from the grid, you can simply tap into your supply stored in your solar batteries. 


Are solar batteries worth it?

Yes, absolutely. We think of solar battery storage as an essential component of a comprehensive home solar system. It helps you maximize the energy your solar panels generate every day, and reduces the chance that you’ll need to purchase energy from the grid. 

Solar panel maintenance and more in Madison, NJ

Whether you already have a home solar system or you’re still considering having one installed, we recommend getting estimates from trusted solar companies in your area. Ask about solar battery storage and how it can work with your solar panels, and be sure your solar provider is able to answer all of your questions satisfactorily. 

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