If You Want Your Solar Panels to Last, You Need to Invest in Quality

A cheap solar system can be alluring but will it still look that way in the long run. Before you invest, inform yourself of the disadvantages of installing an entry-level solar system VS a high-quality solar system.

Why you should install a quality brand solar panel?

The inverter and the quality of your solar panels are the most critical keys in selecting a solar system. Over the 25-year warranty output period, solar panels are exposed to more than 100,000 hours of harsh sunshine and weather factors like heat and cold, wind, rain, hail, and more. A good brand does substantial testing and quality control that helps ensure you get the most out of your system over its long life span.

The difference between entry-level solar panels and more expensive quality ones?

A good quality panel uses good quality sealing materials such as backing sheets, the soldering, and the efficiency of the solar cells. For example, while some panels cost slightly more, they are designed to deliver year after year. Cheaper solar systems with substandard products fail after a relatively short period on the roof. In some cases, installation companies have closed down, leaving the customer to sort out the problem. 

Could I invest in quality panels and save money on an inverter?

Your inverter is the most hard-working element in all solar power systems. The inverter converts the direct (DC) current generated by the solar panel into alternating current acceptable for the grid or your home. Every time there’s a change in the sunlight radiation and intensity or every time a cloud moves in front of the sun, the inverter has to kick in and adjust the electricity converted. During the day inverter, don’t stop working, and at night it turns itself off. In conclusion: A solar inverter is in charge of yield monitoring and ongoing grid management. Selecting the correct inverter is essential to ensure that you make the most out of your solar system. Investment brand inverter leads to reliable yield efficiency and longer solar system life.

Is quality accessories to your solar system essential?

Quality and certified accessories are vital if you want long term peace of mind performance of your solar system. Quality product solar panel accessories prolong the life of your system. Most good quality panels have a 25 years efficiency warranty, so you want your parts to last just as long as your panels.  

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