How to Look After Your Home Solar System Through the Winter

Solar power is well-known for being a rewarding and fairly low-maintenance energy option for homes. But, homeowners can still expect to do some maintenance on their home solar system – especially in the snowy winter months. Here is some helpful advice from our solar panel maintenance team in Morris County, NJ.

Snow and Your Home Solar Panels 

Solar panels will still perform well in winter, especially on clear days when there are no clouds blocking access to the sun’s rays. SunPower PV panels are especially efficient – performing very well in low temperatures with high-efficiency technology that ensures that the optimal amount of light is converted into usable power, even on low-light days. 

In addition, SunPower panels are designed to handle big shifts in winter temperatures, remaining stable and working efficiently when many other panels may crack and shatter due to expansion and contraction. This is very important for the severe New Jersey climate, and SunPower offers a robust warranty to further secure your investment.

Snowfall is the one issue that all PV panels will struggle with. If the snow builds up in a thick layer on top of the panels, no light can penetrate, so no electricity can be generated. Your installer should position your panels not only to capture the most sunlight, but also at a good angle to prevent any buildup on the panels. The panels themselves are also very smooth and slippery, allowing most snow to slide off as it melts.

In the event of very heavy snowfall, your roof and panels may be covered completely as a result. If you are worried about the snow on your rooftop or the snow covering your panels, it’s best to call in solar panel maintenance specialists to remove it safely. It’s important that this is done by experienced professionals or you may risk damage to the solar panels and roof itself.

Get Expert Advice from the Specialists in Home Solar in Morris County, NJ 

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