How to estimate your solar installation needs

If you’ve made the decision to invest in solar panels, you’re probably curious about the solar panel installation process. How much does it cost? What important factors do you need to consider? What are all the elements involved? What should you expect?

Home solar systems are becoming more common since they are now more affordable. We’re also seeing more people desiring to break free from their city’s electricity grid and to generate free, clean energy for their household. Just as your home is unique, the specific type of solar system you install will also be unique. Home solar systems depend on several factors, and these factors will determine your installation needs, as well as your cost. Let’s explore some of these factors:

  • Roof size and shape. Most of us live in homes with slanted roofs, so in order for the solar panels to stay in place, it sometimes requires a bit of extra equipment to be installed to secure your panels. Some roofs are not suitable for solar panels, period. But don’t worry, the panels can be installed on another area of your property instead, such as a front or side lawn. 
  • Size of your home. If you live in a large, five-bedroom home and want as many solar panels as possible, then you’ll have different needs from someone who lives in a smaller, one-bedroom ranch. It’s worth noting that larger solar installations aren’t that much more time consuming – installation is usually quick and tidy.
  • Solar battery storage and other additional elements. Solar battery storage allows you to store extra energy your panels generate for use at a later date. Home solar systems have several additional elements you can use with your panels, and the team at Green House Solar would be happy to discuss them with you.

Home solar systems in Morris County NJ

Summer is finally here and we’re all enjoying the bright, sunny days. How convenient would it be if you could harness the power of the sun and turn it into clean energy for your home, at absolutely no cost to you? Many people in New Jersey have made the first step to invest in home solar systems and are now powering their homes with free, renewable energy. Having solar panels means you no longer have to rely on your town’s electricity, and it puts you in total control of your energy production and usage. 

For more information about home solar installation or home solar systems, please contact our team at Green House Solar today. We look forward to taking the next step with you towards free, renewable energy.