How to Design and Build Your New Home for Solar Power

Rooftop solar panels have become one of the most desirable features a home can have, and many people who are planning to build a new home want to ensure it’s right for solar power. Here are some best practices from the specialists in home solar in Morris County, NJ, to ensure you optimize your benefits from renewable energy and increase the value of your home.

Plan Around Known and Future Shade Factors

The lay of the land on your lot can affect your access to the sunshine needed to power your panels. For example, a steep hill on the southern or western side of your property can create a lot of shade during prime charging time for your panels.

It’s also important to consider other factors that may create shade on your property and position your house to best avoid them. This can include how your neighbors will build on adjacent properties, whether you have large shade trees or not, and whether or not large-scale infrastructure (for example, a multistory building) is planned near your location.

If you are located close to the ocean, you may also have to speak to your provider about installing panels that have a more significant salt and wind resistance to reduce wear-and-tear or damage to your panels.

Plan the Design of Your Roof

Your roof needs to be able to safely support the optimal number of solar panels required for your system in a position and placement that allows them the greatest amount of sunshine. It’s also important that your roof is designed for easy access for solar panel maintenance. In New Jersey, this means positioning your solar panels on the south side of your roof, or a combination of south and east or south and west.

Pitched roofs are best for solar panels, but they can be installed on alt roofs as well – just remember that they need to be tilted at an angle to capture solar rays efficiently. When planning your roof design, remember to consider the placement of other items on the roof structure like chimneys, aerials and satellite dishes and ensure that they are placed well away from your solar panels.

Work with the Specialists in Home Solar in Morris County, NJ

At Greenhouse Solar, we offer the latest in powerful, reliable and affordable home solar systems and are happy to work with you and your architect to help you design a solar powered home.

As a local company, we specialize in residential solar in Morris County, NJ, and our fully-certified and experienced team is ready to design, install and maintain your solar system, ensuring you get all the benefits of clean, affordable energy. We are an authorized dealer of SunPower solar systems. To find out more about residential solar and solar panel maintenance in Morris County, NJ, please contact us today or visit our website at