How to Decrease Your Home’s Energy Bills this Winter

These simple tips will help lower your home power cost in Morris County, NJ – putting a little extra in your pocket and helping the environment!

  • Upgrade your thermostat: A new, smart thermostat is an investment that really pays off quickly, saving you 10% or more on your bill. It allows you to have much more control over the heating in your home, so you can set it to different temperatures in different rooms, turn it off while you’re out and switch it back on for when you’re on your way back home. Most of them pair with smartphones too, so you can control everything no matter where you are.
  • Don’t overheat your home: Sure, it’s nice to wear nothing but shorts and a t-shirt when you’re at home, but it’s costing you a fortune. Instead, lower your thermostat to 68° when you’re out and set it as low as you are comfortable with when you’re at home. Remember, cozy jerseys and snuggly blankets are all part of the charm of the season.
  • Upgrade your holiday lights: We all love holiday lights, so there’s no reason to put a stop to this fantastic tradition. By changing to LED holiday lights, however, you can really save a lot of electricity without losing any of the fun.
  • Reduce heat loss: If you have a fireplace, close the damper unless you have a fire going. Ensure your home heating system is serviced to fix any issues including dirty filters and dirty flues. Make sure any air leaks around windows, doors and utilities pipes are sealed, and invest in insulation for your ceiling.
  • Go solar: Home solar in Morris County, NJ is effective all year round. While it’s ideally suited to hot, sunny days, there’s plenty of sunlight on many winter days that you can take advantage of. With a solar backup system, you can even have enough stored solar energy to see you through overcast days. It’s affordable to install too, thanks to New Jersey’s great incentives and solar credit (SRECs) system – but time is running out to take advantage of this program.

Lower Your Power Cost with Home Solar Specialists in Morris County, NJ

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