How to be energy independent

When it comes to being energy independent, home solar panels are an important component of living an energy-independent existence. Our homes use vast amounts of energy on a daily basis to keep our food chilled in the refrigerator, to keep our computers running so we can work, to heat our water for bathing and cooking, to keep our lights on, and many other activities we do every single day. Generating this energy also creates various greenhouse gasses, including CO2, and these gasses contribute to climate change. 

In an effort to reduce environmental impact, and to enjoy lower energy bills every month, many homeowners are opting to be energy independent by going off the grid. When you say “going off the grid”, some people envision reading by candlelight, boiling water for baths, and other old-timey stereotypes. But with today’s technology you can power your entire home using free and completely renewable energy, and you’ll be reducing your home’s environmental footprint while doing so. 

Steps you can take to become energy independent include:

  • Install solar panels on your home. Solar panels have skyrocketed in popularity as homeowners seek to be more environmentally friendly and to reduce their monthly energy costs. They’ve also become much more affordable over the years, and you can sell any excess energy you generate back to the power company. 
  • If you have solar panels, try to run your washing machine, your dishwasher, and any other appliances while the sun is shining to ensure they’re only using solar energy. You can also invest in solar storage and save your excess energy for later, rather than sell it back to the grid. 
  • While you can run some appliances on a sunny day, most homes use a lot of energy at night – light bulbs, televisions, computers, hot water, and more. Home energy solar storage systems, often called batteries, can hold a certain amount of solar energy that you can save for later use once the sun has set. Solar batteries are ideal for nighttime energy usage. 

Solar panels for your home 

Home solar panels are one of the easiest and fastest ways to become energy independent, and as mentioned above, they’re now more affordable than ever before. Using solar energy to power your home frees you from being tied to any power companies, it can make you exempt from being affected by power outages, and it greatly reduces the amount of greenhouse gasses your home releases into the atmosphere.

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