How Much Does It Cost to Install Solar Power in Your Home?

It’s almost impossible to give a client an exact number for solar installation costs in Morris County, NJ, without meeting them and discussing their energy savings goals. However, here’s some important insight into not only what influences the cost of a residential solar system, but also how you can make this project even more cost-effective.

What Impacts the Cost of Residential Solar in Morris County, NJ? 

  • Size: 

The bigger the system, the higher the cost. That being said, it also means greater long-term savings. So, that should be factored into your decision. A solar panel system that takes your home completely off the grid so you’re relying 100% on renewable energy is simply going to cost more than a system that’s designed to just support essential systems and appliances running. It also depends on how much energy your system will need to generate, as a fully off-grid solar system for two people in a small house will be much more affordable than one for a big family in a large house.

  • The Complexity of Installation: 

Solar panels can be installed on almost any roof type, but some roof installations will be much more straightforward (and therefore more affordable) than others. Essentially, the simplest installations are on large, regular roofs that are in great condition and receive plenty of sun throughout the day. The more irregular or shaded your roof is, the more complex the installation. Roofs that are in poor condition may also require some repairs in order to install the panels securely.

  • Solar Panel Type: 

Solar panels range a lot in price and, as a result, can make a big impact on solar installation costs. However, it is essential that you consider value for money rather than simply going for a cheap option to lower your cost. SunPower solar panels are a bit more expensive, but the quality will pay off in the long term. They look great, are better made, will last longer, and offer much higher efficiency than other panels on the market. In the long-term, this makes them the most affordable option as they deliver more energy and require fewer repairs and maintenance.

In addition, it is important to remember that all solar panel installations pay for themselves in the long-term through energy savings. There are also several affordable ways to pay for your residential solar system, including solar loans and lease programs, and you can further reduce costs through NJ state rebates and incentives.

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