Everything you need to know about solar installation costs in 7 questions

Do you have questions about solar panel installation costs? Many people know how solar panels work and that they reduce your monthly energy bill, but not many people understand the details associated with installation costs and other associated costs. In this article, we’ll review some of the most commonly-asked questions about solar panels and installation costs.

  • Is there a standard size solar panel system, or are there different size systems to choose from?

Each system is different and your solar panels will be customized to fit your roof. Solar systems range from $3,500 to $10,000 and your system will depend on a variety of factors, including property size, roof shape, and the material of your roof.

  • Does the quality of the solar panels matter?

As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. Solar panels will provide your home with clean energy for years to come, and we recommend investing in the highest quality solar panels on the market. Green House Solar uses Sunpower solar panels exclusively because after many years of installing and using other types of panels, we came to the conclusion that Sunpower was simply the best. They are of higher quality, work more efficiently, and are more design forward (better aesthetics) than any other panels we’ve tried in the past.  

  • Will I have to pay to modify my roof before installation?

In short, no. If your roof isn’t suitable for solar panels, our team will find another location on your property where we can install them. Many people have solar panels installed on their lawn instead of their roof.

  • Will solar panels eliminate my energy bill entirely, or just reduce it?

Solar panels can accomplish both, but it depends on your budget and the type of system your property can accommodate. Talk to your solar installer who can help you make the most informed decision.

  • How long will it take to pay off the cost of my system via reduced energy bills?

This depends on several factors. Generally speaking, you can get these systems purchased and installed without putting up any money, and use your savings on your utility bills to pay it off over time, typically within 5-7 years.However, your solar installer can give you a more accurate timeline of what costs to expect.

  • Will I need to pay to replace my solar panels frequently?

No, high-quality solar panels have a very long life span and are generally low maintenance. Once installed, they’ll be there for many years to come! 

  • Does the cost of installation also include post-installation support?

You’ll undoubtedly have questions after installation, so ensure you choose a solar company that includes ongoing customer support in the initial estimate. 

Guidance from your local solar expert in Morris County

If you’d like to know how much it will cost to install solar panels on your home, please contact your local solar company and they’ll provide you with an estimate. Many people who have solar panels enjoy greatly reduced monthly energy bills, and they’re doing their part for the environment by investing in completely clean, renewable energy. 

For more information about solar installation costs, or if you have any questions about solar panels for your home or small business, please contact our team at Green House Solar today. Discover why we’re the trusted solar supplier for so many people in Morris County, NJ. We look forward to hearing from you.