DIY installation – Is it really worth it?

If you’re considering undertaking DIY solar installation, there are several important things to consider before deciding to embark on such an ambitious project. Unless you’re an industry professional and have experience installing solar panels, you’re likely unaware of the serious safety concerns involved, both for yourself and for your roof. Here’s why we recommend working with a trusted solar supplier:

There are multiple dangers involved. Installing solar panels requires you to lift heavy equipment, spend time on potentially unsafe surfaces, work with live wires and electrical equipment, and understand how to properly fit solar panels on a roof. These things require training, experience, and special industry knowledge that you simply cannot get from several hours watching YouTube videos. Some things are best left to the professionals, and this is certainly one of them.

You can cause expensive and permanent damage to your roof. Unfortunately not all roofs are able to support solar panels, and only an industry expert can assess your roof and determine if it’s fit for solar panel installation. If your roof isn’t able to support solar panels, but you go ahead and try to install them anyway, you’ll potentially be facing some expensive repair costs to repair the damage. 

Solar panels can be a fire hazard when they are installed incorrectly. Electric wiring combined with high temperatures from the sun can be a bad combination when not in the hands of a professional. There are strict safety standards solar suppliers must adhere to, and DIY installations are often not compliant. To ensure the safety of your home and your family, partner with a licensed and insured solar supplier.

DIY jobs may not be eligible for tax rebates. Qualifying for tax rebates and credits often involves a lot of complicated paperwork, so working with a solar company that has experience in this area and can apply on your behalf is the best way to guarantee you receive the rebates you’re entitled to. 

Working with a trusted home solar company

DIY solar panel installation is not recommended, for all of the reasons explained above. We recommend choosing a solar company who will be with you for every step of the process, from the initial home assessment all the way through to maintenance and repairs years down the line. Your solar supplier will be with you for many decades because solar panels have such a long life, so be sure to choose someone you trust. 

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