Community Solar Farms – The Next Step in Home Solar

We’ve all gotten used to seeing home solar panels and most people know about the benefits of home solar in Morris County, NJ. As solar installation specialists, however, we know that not every home is able to go completely off grid using solar energy – they might not have the budget, the space, or even be able to grant a provider permission to install these solutions (for example, if you live in an apartment building). Fortunately, this industry is constantly evolving and innovating to make solar more accessible and more effective for homes and businesses – and this can be seen in the development of community solar farms.

What is a Community Solar Farm?

Essentially, a group of investors (whether they are households or businesses) pools their money together to fund a solar power installation. You can usually either buy solar panels to be installed at the farm or buy the kW capacity or kWh production for your home or building. These farms are usually operated by the government, companies or non-profits.

What are the Benefits of Solar Farming?

Solar farming has many benefits for residential and business property owners because it centralizes solar systems, placing them in an optimal position to produce and supply renewable energy. This is ideal for many households where:

  • Your garden is too shaded by trees or adjacent buildings
  • Your roof is too small or has limited space for panels
  • Your local building codes, zoning restrictions or Home Owner’s Association does not allow solar installation
  • You are renting and your landlord will not allow or pay for solar installation

Need Home Solar in Morris County, NJ? We Can Help!

At Greenhouse Solar, we will always be honest and upfront about what you can expect in terms of output, reliability and maintenance from your solar installation in Morris County, NJ. If you have been turned down for residential solar before, we may still be able to assist you as an authorized dealer for SunPower – the best-quality and most advanced solar panels on the market. These solar panels are not only highly efficient, low-maintenance and powerful, they look great too.

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