Cloudy Weather Is Coming – What it Means for Your Home Solar System

On average, there are about 206 sunny days per year in New Jersey, making it a sound investment to install solar panels for your home and lower your energy bills. But what happens when cloudy weather sets in? Will your solar panels still perform? Or will you have to invest in solar backup in Morris County, NJ?

  • High-Efficiency Panels Mean High Performance 

As with any product, you can get a wide range of quality and cost when looking at solar panels. This, however, directly relates to how well your panels will perform on low-light days. Cheaper panels using older or less efficient technology require more sunlight to generate the same amount of electricity than a high-quality panel would. If you choose to invest in solar panels that offer high-performance technology, like SunPower panels, then you’re still going to generate a good amount of electricity for your home, even on more cloudy days. 

These panels have an efficiency of 22%, the highest on the market, capturing red and blue wavelengths that penetrate clouds to ensure minimal impact on your panel performance. It may mean a bigger upfront investment, but it really does pay off when you don’t have to rely on the grid.

  • Solar Backup Systems for Peace of Mind 

Weather is unpredictable and, even with the best solar panels, you can’t generate much electricity on days that have very heavy cloud cover or during storms. This is simply because very little of the sun’s rays can penetrate heavy cloud. On these days, you have two options:

  1. Keep your home partially on the grid, or 
  2. Invest in a solar backup system. 

This is a battery system that allows excess solar energy from sunny days to be  stored for use on heavy cloud days, so you can keep your home off the main grid entirely. It will not only increase the cost of your home solar system, but will also (like your home solar panels) pay for itself. It also offers great peace of mind because if the grid goes down due to a storm or blackout, your electricity won’t cut out. This takes the place of your backup generator, keeping your sump pump, appliances, and electrical systems working reliably.

Invest in Solar Backup in Morris County, NJ, for Complete Peace of Mind 

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