The transition to renewable energy sources is no longer an option, but a necessity for the sake of our future. As we grapple with the impacts of climate change, businesses and apartment buildings can play a significant role in reducing their carbon footprint while enjoying the financial benefits of solar power solutions. In this article, we will explore the potential of affordable solar power for commercial property owners, highlighting the advantages and incentives available in New Jersey, and how Green House Solar can help you make the most cost-effective choice for your property.

Indisputable Benefits of Businesses Going Solar

Before delving into the specifics of solar incentives in New Jersey, it’s crucial to understand that not all businesses can easily go solar. This is especially true for tenants who don’t own the buildings they occupy. However, for property owners, installing solar panels and solar battery backups can be revolutionary for your energy consumption. Here’s why:

Energy Savings: Solar power can significantly reduce monthly electricity bills, providing substantial savings over time. This cost reduction is a long-term investment in sustainability and financial stability.

Income through Net Metering: Property owners can also benefit from net metering. The primary advantage of this program in New Jersey is that it credits property owners for the excess power they supply back to the grid. This credit can offset electricity charges when they need to draw power from the grid. This program essentially turns your property into a mini power plant, with the potential to earn you money.

Tax Benefits for Commercial Businesses: For commercial property owners, the tax code allows for Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System (MACRS) Depreciation over a five-year period. However, there’s generally a residual amount left after the fifth year, which can be depreciated in the sixth year. This tax benefit can significantly reduce the upfront costs of solar installation.

New Jersey’s Solar Incentives

As we briefly touched on earlier, New Jersey property owners can further amplify the advantages of solar power with state-specific incentives:

The Successor Solar Incentive (SuSI) Program is divided into two sub-programs, designed to support various solar projects.

Administratively Determined Incentive (ADI): For residential, most commercial and industrial, and community net metered solar projects, this program offers a fixed-incentive payment guaranteed for 15 years. The value of the incentive is determined by the type and size of the solar project and typically ranges from $70 to $120 for every megawatt hour of energy the system produces.

Competitive Solar Incentive (CSI): Geared towards larger projects exceeding 5 megawatts and grid supply projects, this program follows a competitive solicitation process. The goal is to set the lowest financial contribution from rate-payers for solar projects that provide energy directly to the grid. For larger-scale commercial and industrial projects, this incentive opens the door to significant savings and potential income.

How Green House Solar in NJ Can Help Your Business

Navigating the world of solar incentives, tax benefits, and installation can be overwhelming. This is where Green House Solar in New Jersey comes in. We have a wealth of experience in designing and implementing cost-effective solar solutions for businesses, homes and apartment buildings.

Green House Solar specializes in helping all property owners make informed choices regarding solar power. Our team of electrical contractors can assess your specific needs, guide you through the incentive programs, and provide you with a customized solar installation plan that maximizes your savings. With our assistance, you can take full advantage of the benefits of solar power while minimizing your carbon footprint.

Make the switch to solar today and secure a brighter future for your property and the planet. To learn more about commercial solar power solutions and incentives, give our team a call or visit us at:

Solar Installation Morris County NJ

In an age where renewable energy solutions are not just a choice but a necessity, the appeal of solar power has never been stronger. With its promise of reduced electricity bills, a lighter carbon footprint, and energy independence, transitioning to solar energy seems like a no-brainer. Yet, a surprising number of homeowners are still hesitant to embrace this clean, sustainable power source. 

At Green House Solar, we understand the concerns that often cloud the decision to go solar. That’s why our team of solar panel experts in NJ are going to debunk the most common misconceptions that keep people from harnessing the sun’s abundant energy and saving money on electric bills. In this article, we’ll shed light on the top four reasons why people don’t go solar (pun intended) – providing the peace of mind you need to make a more informed choice.

#1. Solar Panels are Too Expensive! 


This is no longer the case! Did you know that the Federal Investment Tax Credit is 30% for solar panel installations starting in 2022 and has been extended through 2032. That is major installation cost savings you don’t want to miss out on. Plus, you may be eligible for other incentives like the NJ Solar Sales Tax Exemption which involves decreased costs for equipment and the NJ Property Tax Exemption that ensures homeowners are not paying increased taxes for installing solar panels that enhance their property value.

Not to mention that zero dollars down solar is an option for many homeowners.  Let your electrical bill savings pay for your solar! If you’d like to know more about the solar incentives available and which ones you qualify for, give us a call – we’d be happy to help. 

#2. Solar Panels Look Ugly! 


The look of solar panels have really come a long way over the years. They aren’t as bulky and have a sleeker look overall. At Green House Solar, we install SUNPOWER® panels, which just happen to be industry leading in durability, efficiency and aesthetics. And if you’re still not sold on having panels all over your roof, we can discuss other options like ground mounts. Believe it or not, some homeowners actually benefit more when their solar panels are placed elsewhere on the property. 

#3. Solar Systems Require Maintenance


Solar systems by SUNPOWER® are built to last and require minimal maintenance over their 25 year lifetime warranty. In the event that something does go wrong, your system components fall under the warranty that would cover replacement and repair costs. The best part about leasing a solar panel system is that repairs and routine maintenance are the leasing company’s responsibility, not yours. In layman’s terms, if you have a problem – just give Green House Solar a call and we’ll send over one of our solar technicians as soon as possible. 

#4. Solar Salesman can be Obnoxious

There are some big box solar salesmen out there that are really pushy, which give the rest of us a bad rap. At Green House Solar, we will never force you into something you’re not comfortable with and it’s an honest conversation. We are passionate about solar energy and have no problem taking the time to explain all aspects of installation and maintenance thoroughly. If all your roofs face north and are covered by trees, we’ll be honest about solar not being a good idea for you. From safety concerns to overall energy costs, our team will guide you from steps A to Z. The last thing we want is for you to be disappointed, confused or blindsided by anything that comes along with your home solar system. 

If you’d like to talk more about anything that has to do with home solar, please don’t hesitate to call us today! You could also learn more about our solar panel installation services by visiting our website at:

Did you know about the Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit_

There are several great reasons to invest in solar panels for your home. It’s the most environmentally friendly way to generate energy, it reduces your monthly energy bills, it allows you to divest from your city’s energy grid, and more. While some people are hesitant about the initial installation cost of a home solar system, did you know that you can apply for the Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit to save money? More importantly, did you know that the senate has just passed a bill that increases the tax credit you receive for your residential solar installation? With that being said, our team at Green House Solar has compiled what you need to know about the recent changes to the Federal Solar incentives program, and why it is now even more beneficial to you. 

What is the Solar Tax Credit?

This tax credit gives homeowners back a percentage of the total cost of their home solar system. Until very recently, the tax credit for residential properties was worth 26% of the amount of money invested in an eligible solar property, with the stipulation that construction had to begin before 2023. For example, if you paid $40,000 for your home solar system, you would have been eligible for a tax credit of $10,400. The good news is that the tax credit was just expanded to 30% and will apply to all installations that began in 2022. That means that for the same $40,000 investment in a solar system, your potential Federal Tax Credit is now worth $12,000.

The Solar Tax Credit incentivizes homeowners to invest in home solar systems, and other energy saving products. The cost of installation used to be prohibitive to many people, but financing options like solar leasing and solar loans now exist, making it much easier to afford. 

Can I Still Qualify?

You can still qualify for the Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit, but there are provisions included in the new legislation. The existing credit has been extended at 30% through 2032, for anyone who starts their solar installation in 2022. For a better understanding of your unique qualifications, give us a call so we can go over all the details with you. 

Contact Green House Solar today to get started with a free consultation

We’ve helped thousands of local homeowners get started on their solar power journey. From solar panels to solar storage batteries we’re here to help you harness the power of the sun by turning it into completely clean and renewable energy for your home. If you’re interested in applying for the Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit, please call us today so we can discuss your options. 

For more information about saving energy with a home solar system, or if you have any questions, please contact our team at Green House Solar today. We look forward to hearing from you.

Are solar panels worth it for a small business_

Are you a small business owner who has been considering installing solar panels, but concerned about the cost? Are you unsure that the energy savings will balance out the cost of installation? Business owners, big and small, have to operate with strict budgets and choosing to invest in something new can be risky. However, if your monthly energy bills keep increasing and you’re interested in harnessing the power of clean energy, a solar system will save you money in the long run. 

Several decades ago solar panels were expensive and the installation cost was prohibitive for many people. Fortunately, things have changed now with the increasing prevalence of solar systems and the many solar incentives available to business owners, like solar leases, solar tax credits, and solar loans. You might be surprised at just how affordable they are now!

Here’s why you should consider solar panels for your small business

Smaller scale installations are more affordable. Larger scale installations often rely on subcontractors and other professionals to complete the installation, resulting in more expensive prices. However, with smaller scale commercial and residential installations, companies like Green House Solar can tap into their own networks to get the job done for a more affordable cost. 

You don’t need a “suitable” roof. Despite popular belief, your roof isn’t the only place where solar panels can be installed. If your business doesn’t have a roof that is suitable for solar panel installation, other options include solar trackers, ground mounts, and solar carports around your property. Commercial solar installers have made great advances in technology when it comes to space restrictions, so don’t jump to conclusions and assume your property isn’t suitable.

Promote your company’s clean energy usage. Let everyone know about your commitment to clean energy and reducing your carbon footprint! Once your solar panels are installed, we can fit your business with a kiosk or a monitor that shows in real time how much clean energy your solar panels are generating. As people become more conscious about doing business with eco-friendly companies, this will be a big bonus for your business’ reputation for corporate responsibility. 

For more information about solar installation for your small business, or if you have any questions about converting to solar energy, please contact our team at Greenhouse Solar today.

Solar installers nj

As we experience the effects of climate change, like severe weather conditions in the Northeastern US, and as we understand more about how we can reduce our individual environmental footprints, many homeowners are interested in home solar systems. A common question we hear from people is: how long will it take my solar system to pay for itself? In this article our team discusses solar installation costs and what you can expect if you opt for a home solar system. 

The largest costs are upfront

Paying for the installation is by far the biggest cost you will incur. You’ll need to consult with a trusted solar company to understand how many solar panels you need, as each home differs according to roof type, size, and energy needs, but you can expect to spend anywhere between $11,000 and $15,000 upfront for materials and installation.

Will my entire home run on solar power alone?

This depends on several factors including the climate you live in, which direction your roof faces, how many people live in your house, and how much energy you use on a daily basis. A single person living in a one-bedroom house will use less energy than a family of six. 

How long will it take solar panels to pay for themselves?

The average time it takes to save between $11,000 and $15,000 on your monthly energy bills is between 10 to 20 years. Solar panels are a long-term investment and they also add value to your home, so whether you’re planning on remaining in your home for decades to come, or you aren’t sure where you’ll be in 10 years, going solar is worth it. 

Learn more about solar installation in NJ

If you’re concerned that the upfront costs of solar installation will be a barrier to you having a home solar system, there are financing options available including solar leases, payment plans, and more. Many solar companies will be happy to work with your budget and find a solution, so please contact your local solar company to learn what’s possible. 

If you’d like to know more about solar installation costs in Morris County NJ, or if you have any questions, please contact our team at Greenhouse Solar today. We look forward to hearing from you.

Solar panel system installation: what to expect

If you’re considering installing a solar panel system at home, you may be wondering what happens during the installation process and what you can expect. More people are opting for home solar systems now because they want to break free from conventional energy, reduce their environmental footprint, and lower their monthly energy costs. 

In this article, we’ll discuss each step of the installation process from start to finish. If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact our team today – they’ll be happy to help.

Step #1: Install Solar Panel Mounts

The first step is installing solar panel mounts. These pieces are affixed to your roof, and then your solar panels are affixed to the mounts. Your solar installer will inspect your roof to determine what type of mounts will work best, and then they’ll place them in the ideal position for maximum sun exposure. While it’s true that solar panels generate energy on cloudy days, you want your solar panels to be in the best position possible to absorb as much sunlight as they can, hency why it’s so important to properly place the mounts. 

Step #2: Install the Solar Panels

Once the mounts are firmly in place, it’s time to attach the solar panels to the mounts. Your solar installer will ensure the panels are properly attached to the mounts and that they’re angled correctly. It’s important that your solar panels are securely affixed to the mounts.

Step #3: Wire the Solar Panels

After your solar panels have been secured to the mounts, you’ll need to install the electrical wiring. Turn off your home’s power supply before this step. 

Step #4: Install Solar Inverter and Consumer Unit

The solar inverter is a crucial part of the home solar system. It converts sunlight into the energy used to power your home. Solar inverters are usually placed near the main solar panel, and we recommend they be kept in a cool place away from direct sunlight. 

The solar inverter will need to be connected to the consumer unit, which is your fuse board, in order to generate electricity. 

Step #5: Start and Test Solar Panels

You’re now ready to turn your power back on and let your solar panels get to work. Once your home solar system is up and running you can install an app on your phone that allows you to monitor your electricity usage in real time.

To learn more about solar power and how our team can install a home solar system for you, please call us today or visit our website at:

Solar Installation Cost Morris County NJ

Do you have questions about solar panel installation costs? Many people know how solar panels work and that they reduce your monthly energy bill, but not many people understand the details associated with installation costs and other associated costs. In this article, we’ll review some of the most commonly-asked questions about solar panels and installation costs.

  • Is there a standard size solar panel system, or are there different size systems to choose from?

Each system is different and your solar panels will be customized to fit your roof. Solar systems range from $3,500 to $10,000 and your system will depend on a variety of factors, including property size, roof shape, and the material of your roof.

  • Does the quality of the solar panels matter?

As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. Solar panels will provide your home with clean energy for years to come, and we recommend investing in the highest quality solar panels on the market. Green House Solar uses Sunpower solar panels exclusively because after many years of installing and using other types of panels, we came to the conclusion that Sunpower was simply the best. They are of higher quality, work more efficiently, and are more design forward (better aesthetics) than any other panels we’ve tried in the past.  

  • Will I have to pay to modify my roof before installation?

In short, no. If your roof isn’t suitable for solar panels, our team will find another location on your property where we can install them. Many people have solar panels installed on their lawn instead of their roof.

  • Will solar panels eliminate my energy bill entirely, or just reduce it?

Solar panels can accomplish both, but it depends on your budget and the type of system your property can accommodate. Talk to your solar installer who can help you make the most informed decision.

  • How long will it take to pay off the cost of my system via reduced energy bills?

This depends on several factors. Generally speaking, you can get these systems purchased and installed without putting up any money, and use your savings on your utility bills to pay it off over time, typically within 5-7 years.However, your solar installer can give you a more accurate timeline of what costs to expect.

  • Will I need to pay to replace my solar panels frequently?

No, high-quality solar panels have a very long life span and are generally low maintenance. Once installed, they’ll be there for many years to come! 

  • Does the cost of installation also include post-installation support?

You’ll undoubtedly have questions after installation, so ensure you choose a solar company that includes ongoing customer support in the initial estimate. 

Guidance from your local solar expert in Morris County

If you’d like to know how much it will cost to install solar panels on your home, please contact your local solar company and they’ll provide you with an estimate. Many people who have solar panels enjoy greatly reduced monthly energy bills, and they’re doing their part for the environment by investing in completely clean, renewable energy. 

For more information about solar installation costs, or if you have any questions about solar panels for your home or small business, please contact our team at Green House Solar today. Discover why we’re the trusted solar supplier for so many people in Morris County, NJ. We look forward to hearing from you.

Solar Installation Cost Morris County NJ

If you’re considering solar panel installation and are calculating the cost, it’s important to remember that solar panels require regular maintenance to keep them functioning properly. While it is possible to perform solar panel maintenance yourself, there are professionals who can help. So why do solar panels need to be maintained, and what does the maintenance include?

  • Eliminating dirt, dust, debris, and other buildup – Just as dust accumulates inside your home and requires regular cleaning, so do residential solar panels. Buildup makes it difficult for the solar panels to properly and fully absorb the sunlight, making them less efficient. It’s recommended to clean your solar panels at least once a year to keep them functioning at their best.
  • Checking for damage caused by extreme weather – While solar panels are designed to be durable, extreme weather can sometimes cause damage. In 2018 we saw that in North Carolina, during Hurricane Florence, the solar farms sustained only minimal damage as a result of extreme wind, rain, and flooding. If you live in an area with heavy snowfall, extreme heat, hail, or lightning, it’s recommended to have your solar panels checked every year to ensure they haven’t sustained any weather-related damage. 
  • Monitor tree and shrub growth around your solar panels. The shade that trees and shrubbery cast onto your solar panels is one of the biggest inhibitors of efficiency. For example, if a tree casts a shadow over 50% of the cells in your solar panel, then 50% less energy will be produced, making them much less efficient. If there are areas of your roof that are completely shaded by trees, it would not be recommended to install solar panels in these areas, as they won’t absorb the sunlight they need to function. 

Solar panel installation for your home 

Compared to the cost of traditional energy, solar panels provide extremely affordable and environmentally-friendly energy that can power your whole home. When you invest in solar panel installation, you’re investing in a completely clean energy source that will last for decades, as the average lifespan of a residential solar panel is between 30 – 40 years. 

Residential solar panels do require maintenance, but the maintenance is not excessive nor is it expensive. As mentioned above, solar panels are extremely durable and can withstand heat, cold, wind, rain, and snow, and we recommend scheduling annual inspections to ensure your solar panels are in top condition and functioning at their most efficient. Regular maintenance ensures the longevity of your solar panels and protects your investment. 

For more information about the cost of solar panel installation, or if you have any questions, please contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you.