How the IRA Helps Property Owners Lower Energy Bills

The United States Congress recently passed the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), which among several other things, aims to promote clean and renewable sources of energy. This is great news for homeowners who have been thinking about installing home solar systems, but perhaps needed a little push to do so. And by “push” we mean attractive incentives that will help you save up to 30% on solar installation costs.  Let’s take a look at what’s in the IRA and the benefits you can access by installing residential solar panels in 2022. 

Inflation Reduction Act 

The Inflation Reduction Act was passed in August 2022, and it’s touted as being a game-changer for both the solar industry and solar manufacturing in the United States. Some of its key provisions include changes to tax laws that will impact solar manufacturing, and incentives to combat climate change. 

Investment Tax Credit

The Investment Tax Credit has been increased from 26% to 30%, meaning if you install a home solar system you can claim back 30% of your installation costs. This tax credit applies to both residential and commercial solar systems, and it will be in effect until the end of 2032. 

Additionally, battery-based solar energy storage systems also qualify for the ITC on their own – you don’t need to have purchased one as part of a new solar installation to apply for the tax credit. 

Clean Electricity Production Credit

The solar power industry is now eligible for the Clean Electricity Production Credit. All solar power projects that meet wage requirements will receive a tax credit of 2.5 cents / kWh for the first 10 years of the project’s duration. This credit will be increased according to inflation year-on-year. 

Domestically Produced Hardware

To encourage an increase in US-based solar manufacturing, solar manufacturers will receive various tax credits for producing the components of a solar system, including solar panels, inverters, and racking components. 

Community Solar Projects

Solar panels that direct their energy into community solar projects for low-income people will receive an additional 10% tax credit, meaning the total tax credit could potentially be around 60! 

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residential solar

The cost of converting to solar power can seem steep, but don’t let that deter you from investing in completely clean and renewable energy for your home. Solar power installation costs will differ depending upon the type of property you have, and the number of panels required, and if you need assistance covering the up-front costs, you have several options.

  • Solar Lease – Introduced in the early 2000s, solar leasing has become hugely popular with homeowners and business owners across the country. It works the same way as leasing a car: the solar provider owns the equipment, pays for it, and is the legal owner. The solar provider also pays for installation, maintenance, and repairs, while you pay them an agreed fixed monthly amount, like paying a monthly energy bill. The one exception, of course, is that solar leases are typically much cheaper on a monthly basis than traditional energy from a utility company!
  • Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) – Similar to a solar lease, a PPA comes with one notable difference: rather than paying a fixed monthly fee to the solar provider, you pay a certain amount for every kWh your system produces. This amount is pre-determined between you and your solar provider. 
  • Energy Efficient Mortgage (EEM) – An EEM works by crediting your home’s energy efficiency in the mortgage itself, which can be used to finance solar panels.
  • Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) Program – Some states, including New Jersey, allow homeowners to borrow money from either their city, county, or state, and then pay it back via a higher property tax rate over a certain amount of time, usually 15 to 20 years. You can find out more about New Jersey’s PACE Program here.
  • Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Lending – A somewhat new financing system, P2P works by matching borrowers and lenders using crowdsourcing platforms. One advantage of the P2P system is that you, as the borrower, can avoid high transaction fees and other fees banks sometimes charge. 

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As you can see, there are a handful of financing options when it comes to installing a home solar system. The upfront installation costs may seem high, however, you’ll quickly be enjoying lower monthly energy costs and reducing your environmental footprint. At Greenhouse Solar, we are experts in both residential and commercial solar panel installation, and we would be happy to answer any questions you have, so please contact our team today. Discover why we’re the go-to company in Morris County, NJ, for all your home solar needs. We look forward to hearing from you.

residential solar

The solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) is part of a federal policy that incentivizes home and business owners to install solar energy systems, and it makes solar panels more affordable for people across the country. To encourage more property owners – both commercial and residential – to invest in clean energy for their properties, the ITC allows for a 26% tax credit, meaning you can deduct 26% of the total installation cost of your solar energy systems and save thousands of dollars by going solar. Not to mention the money you’ll also save on your monthly energy bills! Also, there is no cap on its value, so if you’re a commercial property owner and want to convert all your current energy systems to solar, you can save a substantial amount of money while reducing your environmental footprint and enjoying the many benefits of solar energy. 

To qualify for the ITC, the only requirement is that you own your solar energy system. When it comes time to file your federal tax return for the year, let your accountant know that you’ve converted to a solar energy system and they will help you claim the ITC. If you file your own taxes, there are several helpful online guides that can assist you. 

We’ve seen several pieces of legislation at the state and national levels over the past few years that incentivize property owners who convert to solar energy systems. As we all take steps to reduce our carbon footprint and make environmentally friendly choices, investing in a solar energy system is an excellent choice, and for homeowners and business owners who qualify for the ITC, it’s an affordable option.  

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If you’ve been considering installing a solar energy system, there’s still time to become eligible for the 26% tax credit, as it applies to all construction started in the year 2020. We have several sunny months ahead of us, and now is an excellent time to discover how efficient solar energy is in powering your home while reducing your monthly energy costs. 

At Greenhouse Solar, we are proud to supply top-of-the-line solar panels for both residential and commercial buildings. For more information about solar installation in Morris County, NJ, or to speak to a member of our team, please contact us today. Discover why so many people trust us for all of their home solar needs. We look forward to hearing from you.

earth month

Earth Month is a great time to rethink your lifestyle and find ways to bring more earth-friendly practices into your home and daily life. Of course, going green isn’t just about the planet – it’s about your wallet too! Here are five tips for saving not only money but also the planet, from one of the leading solar companies in Morris County, NJ.

1. Replace Inefficient Tech and Appliances 

Brands have seen that customers want to save money and do more for the planet. So, the tech we use in our daily lives has become impressively energy and water-efficient. If your appliances are nearing the end of their lifecycle, now’s the time to invest in earth-friendly tech. Look for dishwashers, washing machines, and dryers with high Energy Star ratings, replace your old incandescent bulbs with LED lights, install a smart thermostat, and swap out your electric stove for a natural gas one.

2. Insulate and Seal Your Home

The better insulated and sealed your home is, the less heating and cooling it requires, which means huge savings in both summer and winter. There are great, high-performance eco-friendly insulation choices too, including wool, recycled cotton/denim, Icynene, ThermaCork, and cellulose. Remember to seal and weather-proof external doors and windows too, and make sure your roofing is in good repair.

3. Leave the Car at Home 

We all love our cars and few of us can do without them. But, it’s important to leave them at home when we can. Your average car emits a massive 4.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide each year! So, it really pays to use public transport, walk or cycle to your destination – even if it’s just a few times a week. It’s also great for your health and you save on gas and maintenance!

4. Waste Less 

In the USA alone, around 40% of food goes to waste – ending up in a landfill where it rots and releases greenhouse gasses. To help reduce your waste, plan your meals ahead for each week, compost your raw fruit and vegetable peelings, and only buy what you need when you need it. Another good idea is to go meat-free once a week, as livestock is a significant contributor to greenhouse gasses as well. It’s also less expensive to eat vegetarian, so think of all the cash you’ll save!

5. Go Solar

Home solar panels and solar panel installation in New Jersey is a great option for anyone wanting great long-term savings that benefit the planet. Thanks to New Jersey’s solar incentives program, homeowners can help pay off their solar systems even faster by selling excess energy to the grid. There are also a wide range of financing options to make this project more affordable for all homeowners, including solar leasing. It also increases the value of your home, so you’ll benefit while you live there and when you sell!

The Affordable Way to Go Solar – Professional Solar Installation in Morris County, NJ 

Looking for the best solar companies in Morris County, NJ? At Greenhouse Solar, we offer the latest in powerful, reliable and affordable home solar systems. As a small local company, we specialize in residential solar installation in Morris County, NJ, and our fully-certified and experienced team is ready to design, install, and maintain your solar system and battery backup system, ensuring you get all the benefits of clean, affordable energy. We are an authorized dealer of SunPower solar systems, the most durable, high-performance panels on the market. 

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solar panels

It’s almost impossible to give a client an exact number for solar installation costs in Morris County, NJ, without meeting them and discussing their energy savings goals. However, here’s some important insight into not only what influences the cost of a residential solar system, but also how you can make this project even more cost-effective.

What Impacts the Cost of Residential Solar in Morris County, NJ? 

  • Size: 

The bigger the system, the higher the cost. That being said, it also means greater long-term savings. So, that should be factored into your decision. A solar panel system that takes your home completely off the grid so you’re relying 100% on renewable energy is simply going to cost more than a system that’s designed to just support essential systems and appliances running. It also depends on how much energy your system will need to generate, as a fully off-grid solar system for two people in a small house will be much more affordable than one for a big family in a large house.

  • The Complexity of Installation: 

Solar panels can be installed on almost any roof type, but some roof installations will be much more straightforward (and therefore more affordable) than others. Essentially, the simplest installations are on large, regular roofs that are in great condition and receive plenty of sun throughout the day. The more irregular or shaded your roof is, the more complex the installation. Roofs that are in poor condition may also require some repairs in order to install the panels securely.

  • Solar Panel Type: 

Solar panels range a lot in price and, as a result, can make a big impact on solar installation costs. However, it is essential that you consider value for money rather than simply going for a cheap option to lower your cost. SunPower solar panels are a bit more expensive, but the quality will pay off in the long term. They look great, are better made, will last longer, and offer much higher efficiency than other panels on the market. In the long-term, this makes them the most affordable option as they deliver more energy and require fewer repairs and maintenance.

In addition, it is important to remember that all solar panel installations pay for themselves in the long-term through energy savings. There are also several affordable ways to pay for your residential solar system, including solar loans and lease programs, and you can further reduce costs through NJ state rebates and incentives.

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2019 is well under way and it’s showing that the trend for residential solar power is here to stay! If you’re thinking of projects that will upgrade your home and your quality of life, then here’s why you should consider home solar.


  • You’re supporting the environment: Solar power is a clean, renewable energy that produces no harmful emissions that damage the environment, unlike using fossil fuels.
  • They save you money in the long term: Although investing in home solar systems requires an upfront cost (this will vary according to the scope of your installation), your energy bill will immediately decrease substantially, leading to significant cost savings. This can be done through the New Jersey SREC (Solar Renewable Energy Certificates) market, the largest in the nation, and one with some of the highest prices in recent times. It’s important to note that NJ SRECS could expire, so it’s vital to get involved as soon as possible to reap the rewards.
  • 2019 is the last year of the 30% tax credit: This year is the last year homeowners are eligible for the 30% tax credit as part of the solar incentives program, saving you 30% of the total cost of your home solar system. If you’re on the fence about getting a solar system for your home, it’s important to act now before you miss out on these savings.
  • It increases your home’s value: According to real estate agents, one of the most sought-after features in a home are those that lower day-to-day running costs – and that means home solar systems. It’s a great way to increase your home’s market value and add significant consumer appeal.


Make 2019 the Year You Save – Invest in Home Solar, Morris County NJ 

At Greenhouse Solar, we offer the latest in powerful, reliable and affordable home solar systems. As a small local company, we specialize in residential solar in Morris County, NJ, and our fully-certified and experienced team is ready to design, install and maintain your solar system, ensuring you get all the benefits of clean, affordable energy. We are an authorized dealer of SunPower solar systems. To find out more about residential solar in Morris County NJ, our company or services, please contact us today or visit our website at

solar panels

People have different reasons for going solar, from reducing their environmental impact to increasing their access to a reliable source of energy, but the main reason for most people is that they want to save money. So, how much can you really save? Our residential solar team in Morris County, NJ looks at this important issue.

Solar Installation Cost in Morris County NJ 

Moving off the grid is an expensive investment, so your savings need to be able to cover the cost of solar installation (including the installation of a solar battery back-up system). While this cost used to be very high, the price has decreased dramatically as the tech has become more easily available. The cost of the system you’ll need is dependent on how much energy you want to produce, the complexity of the roof installation process, and the solar panel products that you buy.

The great news is that in the long-term, this installation cost will be paid off by your energy savings so in the end, all solar panel systems are free. There are several ways to make this a more affordable process:

  • Cash results in the fastest payback, usually in 5-7 years. The Federal government and State of NJ also offer financial incentives to increase your savings – but be aware that these are set to change during 2019, so you have limited time to take advantage of these.
  • Solar loans: These are loan programs where you don’t have to make any net payments, as your solar panels pay back your loan. This way, you can get a solar energy system and the savings benefits they offer without having to pay in yourself.
  • Solar lease: This is a lease program that operates on a fixed monthly cost and the leasing company is responsible for maintaining and repairing your system when needed.

Average Savings with Residential Solar Energy Systems in NJ 

According to studies that look at the 20 year returns on residential solar, households using a 6 kilowatts solar system to produce 10,400 kilowatt-hours per day (the national average) set against a 2.2% projected utility inflation rate will see savings of almost $20,000 over the first 20 years of system use. This is calculated without the Federal tax credit which offers even greater savings. And, if you produce more energy then you need, you can sell it into the local grid to increase savings even further.

At Greenhouse Solar, we offer the latest in powerful, reliable and affordable home solar systems. As a small local company, we specialize in residential solar in Morris County, NJ, and our fully-certified and experienced team is ready to design, install and maintain your solar system, ensuring you get all the benefits of clean, affordable energy. We are an authorized dealer of SunPower solar systems. To find out more about solar installation cost in Morris County NJ, our company or services, please contact us today or visit our website at