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Solar power systems aren’t just great for the environment and for saving on your energy bills, they also offer big tax incentives and a healthy SREC market if you live in NJ. In fact, our state offers some of the best solar incentives in the country! Here are the NJ solar rebates and incentives for 2019.

  • Solar sales tax exemption: You are 100% exempt from any sales tax when purchasing your home solar system, a 7% savings on all your solar equipment.
  • Property tax exemption: Home solar systems are in high demand, and many homeowners invest in these systems in order to add value to their home and achieve a more attractive sales price. Fortunately, NJ residents investing in home solar systems do not have to pay any additional property tax on the value that system adds to your home.
  • Federal solar tax credit: You are also subject to the federal investment tax credit, reducing the cost of your home solar system by 30% when buying it outright.
  • NJ net metering: Through this program, you can sell any additional energy your home generates back into the grid at the retail rate. This is fairly profitable, as the retail rate is higher than the bulk rate utilities receive their electricity at and means that you never waste energy.
  • Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECs): Each time your solar system produces one megawatt-hour of energy, you earn one SREC. These SRECs can then be sold on to utilities who use them to meet NJ Renewable Portfolio Standards. The price of these SRECs changes according to supply and demand and has ranged between $165 and $262 over the last few years.

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Green House Solar is one of the leading solar companies in Morris County, NJ. We are Sonnen Certified, and our experienced teams are ready to answer all your questions about home solar systems and solar battery backup systems. We are here to help design, install and maintain your solar system, completely customized to your needs and budget. To find out more about home solar in Morris County NJ, our company or services, please contact us today or visit our website at

On behalf of myself and the team I welcome you to the website of Green House Solar!

My name is Frank Curran, and I am a licensed electrician who started working in the solar industry in Colorado over a decade ago. When my family and I moved to northern New Jersey I knew that bringing solar energy solutions to folks was what I wanted to focus my professional energy on. Over the last decade I’ve built a successful business doing primarily Solar Panel Installations for homes, Solar Power Backup, Solar Panel Maintenance, Backup Generator Systems, and even lighting conversions for companies wanting to go LED. Lot’s of green stuff!

I have been successful I think, because I’m big enough to have all the team resources, equipment, and skillsets that people need to insure their system is installed correctly and in a timely fashion. Yet I’m not so big that I need to charge ridiculous overheads, or take an impersonal approach to the decision making process. We are straight shooters about solar, and about how WE do solar and so I don’t really have to sell folks, I think the facts about solar speak for themselves.

With our affiliation with SunPower, our customers now get the very best solar panels in the world, along with financing options that make solar affordable to everyone. They also get a lifetime support guarantee through SunPower which allows their panels to be serviced by Green House Solar, or any of dozens of authorized SunPower installers across New Jersey. You’ll never be left hanging out to dry when you go with SunPower, no matter how many years in the future you have a problem.

I really believe in, and enjoy what I do. I hope you’ll consider getting a quote from us for your Home or Office Solar or Backup Power project.





Frank Curran.

For NJ Home Solar Installations, Now is the Time, and Green House Solar is the Company.

Green House Solar provides complete solar installations to New Jersey homeowners and businesses without the massive cost overhead of big-box solar electric companies.. We are highly experienced, knowledgeable, honest, and we follow through on our promises. Best of all we don’t disappear after the sale is made and can maintain and service your installation for many years to come.

We are NABCEP certified PV Installers and licensed NJ Electrical Contractors. This means we do all our own electrical work, we don’t have to sub-contract it out like almost everyone else.

We provide a number of different services related to Solar Energy systems:

  • Complete Solar Installations, we handle everything.
  • Solar System Troubleshooting and Maintenance
  • Battery Back-up Solar Power Systems
  • Available for electrical sub-contracting for Solar Projects
  • Solar Backup Systems

What kind of Solar Panels will you Use on My House?

SunPower Solar Panel Installer Greenhouse Solar
SunPower Panel dramatically outperforms most panels, especially in shady conditions, and it looks a whole lot better on your roof too!

Greenhouse Solar is an authorized Sunpower solar panel dealer. We now use Sunpower solar panels exclusively because after many years of installing and using other types of panels, we came to the conclusion that Sunpower was simply making the best panels there is. They are better made, higher efficiency, more design forward (better aesthetics) than other panels we’ve tried. In the long run this actually makes them cheaper even though another panel may be slightly cheaper to purchase initially. The adage “You get what you pay for..” is certainly true with Solar Panels and when we talk with you we would be happy to explain why.

The other big advantage to consumers in going with an authorized Sunpower solar installer like Greenhouse Solar, is that any one of dozens of authorized solar installers in New Jersey can repair and maintain your Sunpower solar panel installation. While we expect that you will be a happy customer of Greenhouse Solar for many, many years, the fact is that you will never have to worry about your solar installer going out of business because your service and support is guaranteed by Sunpower for life, and they have dozens of licensed solar installers all across New Jersey.

Should I get a Solar Electric Backup Power System installed along with My Solar Panels?

The short answer to this question is a resounding YES! Solar backup systems can provide backup power to homes and offices for an almost indefinite period, keeping you safe and productive during the worst power outage scenarios. The added cost of Solar Electric Backup System Can be added to your financing and you can still purchase this option at zero down, paying it back over an extended payback period.

Whether adding to your existing system or putting in a new system, solar based backup power is an option to seriously consider. Visit our Solar Backup Power page for more information.