Can Solar Companies Install Panels on Flat-Roofed Homes?

Choosing solar power is a smart move for any homeowner, as it gives you access to clean, renewable, and free energy. However, solar installation in Morris Country, NJ, comes with a few challenges – including roof design. Fortunately, this technology has come a long way in recent years, so it can be installed on almost any roof, including flat roofs.


  • Myth Busted – Flat Roofs are Ideal for Solar Panels 


As one of the leading solar companies in Morris County, NJ, we love installing solar panels on flat roofs. We’re not sure where the myth has come from that these roofs aren’t suited to solar panels, but it just isn’t true. While there are a few design considerations to include (for example, panels need to be set at a slope in order to ensure optimal positioning and run-off for snow and rain), our professional team can handle it with ease. Some solar companies won’t work on flat roofs simply because they work with limited equipment and standardized design systems. So, always check with a few different solar companies in Morris County, NJ, to find someone who knows how to design and install solar panels for flat roofs.


  • Flat Roofs are Often Better for Solar Panels Than Sloped Roofs 


Homes and properties with flat roofs often offer fewer challenges than sloped roofs which may have angles that only catch a limited amount of sun or make it awkward to fit in the right number of panels. Flat roofs are relatively simple in comparison. They can offer greater flexibility for the solar panel layout, ensuring you get the most out of your residential solar system.


  • Solar Panel Installation on Flat Roofed Homes is Competitive 


Moving your home into solar power typically has two sets of costs:

  1. The cost of the solar panels and back-up battery system (if needed), and 
  2. The cost of labor and installation. 

On a more challenging roof, installation can take much longer and require additional design considerations, which can also increase labor and installation costs. On a flat roof, installation is often easier and faster, which can make a home solar system much more affordable. This also helps to offset the cost of the angled mounts that solar panels require on flat roofs.

Flat Roof? Speak to One of the Top Solar Companies in Morris County, NJ 

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