What The Rural Energy For America Program Means For Solar

The U.S. government, through various pieces of legislation and several programs, is incentivizing both homeowners and business owners to use renewable energy. We’ve seen a range of tax credits and other financial incentives rolled out recently, and people across the country are not hesitating to take advantage. One incentivized program in particular is the Rural …

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How the IRA Helps Property Owners Lower Energy Bills

The United States Congress recently passed the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), which among several other things, aims to promote clean and renewable sources of energy. This is great news for homeowners who have been thinking about installing home solar systems, but perhaps needed a little push to do so. And by “push” we mean attractive …

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Why You Don't Want to DIY Your Solar Panel Installation

Are you thinking about installing your own solar panels in NJ? While it’s great that you’re ready to power your home or business with clean, free, renewable energy, solar panel installation is a job that requires the precision and expertise that comes with years of experience. With that said, we recommend you leave the installation …

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