Did you know about the Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit_

There are several great reasons to invest in solar panels for your home. It’s the most environmentally friendly way to generate energy, it reduces your monthly energy bills, it allows you to divest from your city’s energy grid, and more. While some people are hesitant about the initial installation cost of a home solar system, did you know that you can apply for the Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit to save money? More importantly, did you know that the senate has just passed a bill that increases the tax credit you receive for your residential solar installation? With that being said, our team at Green House Solar has compiled what you need to know about the recent changes to the Federal Solar incentives program, and why it is now even more beneficial to you. 

What is the Solar Tax Credit?

This tax credit gives homeowners back a percentage of the total cost of their home solar system. Until very recently, the tax credit for residential properties was worth 26% of the amount of money invested in an eligible solar property, with the stipulation that construction had to begin before 2023. For example, if you paid $40,000 for your home solar system, you would have been eligible for a tax credit of $10,400. The good news is that the tax credit was just expanded to 30% and will apply to all installations that began in 2022. That means that for the same $40,000 investment in a solar system, your potential Federal Tax Credit is now worth $12,000.

The Solar Tax Credit incentivizes homeowners to invest in home solar systems, and other energy saving products. The cost of installation used to be prohibitive to many people, but financing options like solar leasing and solar loans now exist, making it much easier to afford. 

Can I Still Qualify?

You can still qualify for the Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit, but there are provisions included in the new legislation. The existing credit has been extended at 30% through 2032, for anyone who starts their solar installation in 2022. For a better understanding of your unique qualifications, give us a call so we can go over all the details with you. 

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We’ve helped thousands of local homeowners get started on their solar power journey. From solar panels to solar storage batteries we’re here to help you harness the power of the sun by turning it into completely clean and renewable energy for your home. If you’re interested in applying for the Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit, please call us today so we can discuss your options. 

For more information about saving energy with a home solar system, or if you have any questions, please contact our team at Green House Solar today. We look forward to hearing from you.

Why You Want a Solar Battery Backup Installed With Your Solar Panels

Once you’ve decided to install a home solar system, you’ll also need to stock up on the appropriate solar products to accompany your new system. You may have heard about solar battery backup, but you aren’t sure what it is or why you need it. Our team at Green House Solar explains, and if you have any questions please contact us. 

What is Solar Battery Backup?

Solar battery backup is essentially storage for the energy generated by your solar panels that you instantly use when you need it, like during a power outage or overnight. Excess energy generated by your solar panels during the day will go into the battery, and it’s available on demand. Solar powered batteries are recharged by the sun, making theman extremely convenient option to accompany  your home solar system. 

Why You Need It

If you experience a power outage during a storm, or if for some reason your home is using more energy than your solar panels can generate in real time, a backup solar battery is critical. We’ve seen an increase in inclement weather conditions, whether it’s rain storms or blizzards, and you need to be prepared in case the power grid goes down. And with more of us now working from home, having wifi around the clock is a must. 

Can It Be Installed To Existing Solar Panels?

Yes, solar batteries can be installed to existing solar panels by an experienced solar installer. Home solar systems generally have a very long lifespan of several decades, so even if your solar panels are more than 10 years old, we can add a solar battery to your system. 

Green House Solar is the First Solar Company in NJ to Install the SunPower SunVault Storage System!

The SunPower Sunvault storage system is an industry-leading solar battery backup system, allowing you to control energy usage inside your home despite the weather conditions outside. You can control everything from the handy app, including setting your power preferences, monitoring your usage and savings, and ensuring excess energy generated by your panels is successfully transferred into your solar batteries. 

For more information about solar power battery backup, if you’d like to know more about our other solar products, or if you have any questions, please contact our team at Green House Solar today. We look forward to hearing from you.

Three reasons why going solar is good for the economy

Solar panels are good for the environment, but did you know that solar energy is also good for the economy? As we deal with the impacts of climate change, governments are under pressure to move away from fossil fuels and make investments in solar energy on a big scale. If you’re a business owner or a homeowner and you’ve been considering going solar, it’s great to know that your decision will be beneficial for the climate, as well as the economy. 

#1. Solar Energy Diversifies The U.S. Energy Mix

Experts in the energy industry largely agree that diversification is a positive thing because it strengthens the security of existing energy infrastructure. Energy comes from a range of resources, including oil, coal, natural gas, solar, wind, hydro, and geothermal. Diversifying the U.S. energy mix can help prevent price spikes and reduce the chance of energy crises after natural disasters. 

For example, in February 2022 a snowstorm hit areas of Northern Texas that had never seen this type of weather. The energy infrastructure failed because it wasn’t equipped to handle a snowstorm, and hundreds of thousands of people were without power in below freezing temperatures. 

#2. Solar Energy Creates More Jobs

E2, a nonpartisan group, released the 2020 Clean Jobs America report focused on helping the American economy recover in the wake of COVID-19. The report found that more than half a million jobs in the US are supported by renewable energy, with solar energy specifically supporting around 345,000 jobs. 

Also, nearly 40% of all energy jobs in the US are within clean energy. This is a huge percentage of the energy workforce, and industry experts predict it will continue to grow larger over time. 

#3. Global Warming is Expensive

In an alarming report issued in 2018 by the United Nations, a panel emphasized that it’s essential we dramatically reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 if we want to avoid catastrophic change:

  • Damage from climate change in the US is estimated to cost approximately 1.2% of GDP per year for every 1°C increase
  • The damage already caused by climate change from warming in 2100 for 1.5°C and 2°C are $54 and $69 trillion

If you had any questions about whether or not solar energy is good for the economy, we hope we’ve answered them here. If you’d like any more information about installing solar energy systems in NJ, please contact our team at Green House Solar today. You could also visit our website at: https://greenhouse.solar/

Solar Panel Consultation with Green House Solar

Perhaps you’ve been considering installing a solar panel system at home, but you have questions and you’re not quite ready to commit. Why not schedule a solar panel consultation with a reputable company in your area, like Green House Solar? Choosing to install a solar system panels for your home is certainly an investment, and a consultation is a great way to answer your questions, manage your expectations, and help you make a final decision on solar that’s right for you. 

What To Expect From Your Residential Solar Consultation 

We offer on-site and virtual consultations via Zoom for your convenience, so there’s no need to come to our office in Madisondrive all the way to our store, unless of course that’s your preference. A typical solar panel consultation is simply a conversation between you and one of our experienced team members. We’ll discuss the range of market-leading home solar systems we install and maintain, while also learning more about your energy needs and your desire to harness the power of clean, renewable energy. Once we know more about what type of roof you have, we’ll explain what your best options are for solar panel placements. 

We encourage you to ask a lot of questions during the consultation, because this is your chance to gather all of the important information needed to make your decision. 

Questions You May Want To Ask Your Solar Panel Consultant

  • What incentives are available for going solar in my area?
  • Is my roof suitable to support solar panels? If not, what are my options?
  • Where can I put panels and how many will I need to power my home?
  • Will the solar system produce enough power to eliminate my electric bill?
  • What happens when it’s dark, cloudy, or raining?
  • What kind of maintenance does a home solar system require?
  • Can you tell me more about solar batteries, and do I absolutely need one?

Next Steps When Moving Forward With Your Solar Install in NJ

Once you’ve made the decision to install a home solar system, our team in NJ will visit your home and do a survey of your property, including a roof check. During our site survey, we’ll confirm that the design you have selected will work on your property, and we will submit engineering designs and permits, and schedule your installation. Most solar installations take around two days, so you’ll be using renewable energy to power your home in no time.

If you’d like more information, or if you’re ready to schedule your solar panel consultation, please contact our team at Green House Solar today at: https://greenhouse.solar/

How community solar projects can help improve the grid

Have you heard about community solar projects? Sometimes called shared solar or solar gardens, a community solar project is a solar energy model where a group of people collectively lease or buy part of an off-site solar system. For example, if a group of neighbors decide they all want to use solar energy to power their homes, they all pitch in for an off-site solar system that delivers clean, renewable energy to them. 

Community solar projects are a great option for groups of people who don’t want to alter their homes by installing solar panels on the roof, or for those whose roofs aren’t suitable for solar panels, yet still want to power their homes with renewable energy while lowering their monthly energy bills. 

How do community solar projects work?

If you think you’d like to sign up for a community solar project, the first step is to do an internet search for existing solar gardens in your area. You don’t need to go out and find a group of people with whom you’d like to share a solar system. Instead, you can join an existing one, and you’ll need to decide whether you want to join a subscription-based shared solar project, or an ownership-based one. Subscription-based means you simply join a solar garden and pay for renewable electricity, while ownership-based means you buy a certain number of panels that make up the solar garden. 

What are the benefits of community solar projects?

  • Shared solar projects give more people access to clean energy. Perhaps your property isn’t suitable for solar panels, or you don’t want to install them on your roof. 
  • Solar gardens help people lower their monthly energy bills while also reducing their carbon output. 

How does community solar improve the grid?

Using solar energy benefits the traditional energy grid in several ways. First, it reduces demand, meaning the grid isn’t as strained as it would be if everyone was using it at full capacity. Second, solar gardens actually supply energy to the grid when it generates more than it can use. And lastly, shared solar systems reduce grid stress, meaning it’s less likely to malfunction. 

For more information about community solar projects, or if you have any residential solar questions, please contact our team at Greenhouse Solar today or visit our website at: https://greenhouse.solar/

Can you run your home completely off of solar panels_

As a homeowner you’re surely looking for ways to upgrade your home, as well as lower your costs. Perhaps you’ve thought about installing a home solar system, but you still have questions, including: can I run my home completely off of the energy generated by solar panels?

This is a common question, and as solar panel technology has advanced over the years, we’re here to answer some frequently asked questions about home solar systems. 

How many solar panels are needed to power my home?

It’s important to keep in mind there is no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to solar panels. The size of your home solar system will depend on several factors, including the climate you live in, how much direct sun your roof receives, and how much energy your household consumes on a daily and monthly basis.

Many people aren’t aware of how much energy they consume, but at Green House Solar, we’re happy to help you figure it out by using your monthly energy bill. We can then compare your energy usage against our market-leading solar panels to determine which ones – and how many of them – are needed to power your home. 

How much will it cost to install solar panels in my home?

Again, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer regarding cost, however with the incredible advancements in technology, we can now do a lot of the work online, and can get a good estimate with just a physical address.  With the 26% Federal Tax Credit still in effect until the end of 2022, and no money down financing options available, solar and energy storage solutions are a great option for many homeowners.  

After the initial installation is complete and your system is up and running, you will see the savings on your monthly energy bills right away – you can save you money while going green and becoming more energy independent. If you’re interested in solar panels, but don’t know how you’ll pay for it, our team will be happy to discuss your financing options and find a solution that works for you. 

For more information about home solar systems, or if you have any questions about solar panel savings, please contact our team at Green House Solar. We’ve helped hundreds of homeowners select the most cost-effective solar panels for their homes, and we look forward to helping you do the same! 

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The best solar panels for cloudy days

While solar panels generate the most energy on a bright sunny day, it’s a myth that you must have year-round sun in order to reap the benefits of a home solar system. People in all different types of climates are able to power their homes using solar panels. Whether you live in sunny Florida, cloudy Seattle, or a place that has a little bit of both like New Jersey,  you can still enjoy the benefits of residential solar systems with the right type of solar technology. In this article, we will go over the type of solar panels that are the most beneficial to a climate that is not always sunshine and rainbows.  

Solar panels for low irradiance conditions

Low irradiance simply means not a lot of sunlight. Here in New Jersey we have our fair share of sunny days, but during the winter months we also have many consecutive days where we don’t see the sun. SunPower, one of the most popular premium brands of solar panels, regularly publishes data that shows how well their solar panels work in cloudy conditions. 

For climates that have more cloudy days than sunny skies, we recommend solar panels with monocrystalline silicon cells. Other technologies that solar manufacturers use to increase efficiency in cloudy conditions include bifacial panels, half-cut cells, and Passivated Emitter Rear Cell (PERC) technology. 

While there aren’t any solar panels that are specifically designed to perform better on cloudy days, there are technologies that help make solar panels more efficient. In addition, homeowners can invest in solar storage, so any excess energy generated on a sunny day can be used later, like during a rainy spell. 

Contact the experts for residential solar installation in NJ

If you’re interested in a home solar system, but you’re unsure about how much energy it will generate to power your home, contact our team at Green House Solar. New Jersey experiences a range of weather conditions, and we can help you decide what solar technology will work best for you. While roof installation is ideal, it’s not a deal-breaker if your roof isn’t suitable. Alternatively, we can install solar trackers or ground mounts around your property that will have you generating clean energy in no time. 

For more information about the best solar panels for cloudy days, or if you have any questions about New Jersey solar panel installation, please contact our team at Green House Solar.

Are solar panels worth it for a small business_

Are you a small business owner who has been considering installing solar panels, but concerned about the cost? Are you unsure that the energy savings will balance out the cost of installation? Business owners, big and small, have to operate with strict budgets and choosing to invest in something new can be risky. However, if your monthly energy bills keep increasing and you’re interested in harnessing the power of clean energy, a solar system will save you money in the long run. 

Several decades ago solar panels were expensive and the installation cost was prohibitive for many people. Fortunately, things have changed now with the increasing prevalence of solar systems and the many solar incentives available to business owners, like solar leases, solar tax credits, and solar loans. You might be surprised at just how affordable they are now!

Here’s why you should consider solar panels for your small business

Smaller scale installations are more affordable. Larger scale installations often rely on subcontractors and other professionals to complete the installation, resulting in more expensive prices. However, with smaller scale commercial and residential installations, companies like Green House Solar can tap into their own networks to get the job done for a more affordable cost. 

You don’t need a “suitable” roof. Despite popular belief, your roof isn’t the only place where solar panels can be installed. If your business doesn’t have a roof that is suitable for solar panel installation, other options include solar trackers, ground mounts, and solar carports around your property. Commercial solar installers have made great advances in technology when it comes to space restrictions, so don’t jump to conclusions and assume your property isn’t suitable.

Promote your company’s clean energy usage. Let everyone know about your commitment to clean energy and reducing your carbon footprint! Once your solar panels are installed, we can fit your business with a kiosk or a monitor that shows in real time how much clean energy your solar panels are generating. As people become more conscious about doing business with eco-friendly companies, this will be a big bonus for your business’ reputation for corporate responsibility. 

For more information about solar installation for your small business, or if you have any questions about converting to solar energy, please contact our team at Greenhouse Solar today.


At Green House Solar our Solar story always has a happy ending. Green House Solar provides residential and commercial solar in Morris County and Northern New Jersey specializing in solar installation, backup power, and solar panel maintenance. For almost a decade, Green House Solar has been committed to our customers being happy for life, not just during the sales process. As an exclusive SunPower Solar Dealer, we add to that commitment the 25-year warranty of an established national brand. 

Although our client’s online search for a solar service provider was quite random, our team at Greenhouse Solar feel fortunate to be part of our client’s story.  

Meeting Our Client’s Home Energy Needs

I found them from some random solar website I was using and like with most of those sites I entered the relationship with an extreme amount of skepticism. However, that was replaced with understanding and the ability to meet some pretty awesome people.” – Green House Solar client.

Our client wanted a rooftop solar system installed onto a double-story home. Because we installed SunPower Solar Panels, our client gets elegant panels with 60% more power. And since safety is always our first consideration, we had all the necessary equipment to work safely on the rooftop.      

Giving Our Client The Best Service

Also, HUGE shoutout for the neatness of the work done. The cable runs that the electrician did (mint), and the lines from the roof to the garage, along with the ethernet cable installed to my network cabinet…all was done with professionalism.”   – Green House Solar client.

As a North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) photovoltaics (PV) installer and licensed New Jersey Electrical Contractor, we provide only the most professional service to our clients. We live and operate in our values of honesty, experience, and professionalism.    

Green House Solar Speaks With Honesty

Green House Solar is a family-owned business with over a decade of experience and professionalism. When you work with Greenhouse owner Frank Curran is directly involved in every project and accessible if needed. You can trust his team to speak with 100% confidence and integrity about what you can and can’t expect from your solar experience. 

How Does Our Client’s Story End? 

All in all, Green House Solar did a fantastic job and the only thing I get to complain about now, is the amount of cloudy days each month :)” – Green House Solar client.

The story of our family-owned business continues. We are still doing residential and commercial solar panel installation, back up power and maintenance in Morris county and Northern New Jersey. If you are interested in Solar power, please contact our team at Green House Solar today. We look forward to hearing from you.

Let There Be Light!

Solar panel maintenance in the summer is necessary to maintain the efficiency of your home solar system. With all the sunshine the season offers, it is a peak production period.

Because solar panels are designed to be durable, withstand the elements, and have no moving parts, they need very little maintenance. But it is good practice to clean the solar panels once a year and remove anything that might be blocking sun from the panels. It is the best maintenance to review the solar panel monitoring system to ensure it is still performing optimally.   

Give the solar panels a good clean this summer and let there be light!

Solar System Warranty and Panel Cleaning.

Solar panel installation in NJ is often covered by a warranty. Before cleaning any panels, review the terms and conditions of the solar system and panel warranty. Sometimes cleaning is covered by a maintenance warranty. If you feel the warranty is unclear in this matter, contact your solar service provider.    

Call In The Professionals for Rooftop Solar Panel Cleaning.

When you have a rooftop solar system, safety must always be the first consideration. Let a professional service provider clean the panels as they have all the necessary equipment to work safely on a rooftop. Ask your solar service provider if they clean panels or can provide a recommendation.        

How to Make Ground-Mounted Solar Panels Shine.

Residential solar panels in NJ are sometimes ground-mounted, and you might choose to clean the panels yourself. SunPower suggests cleaning the panels early in the morning or evening, as high heat will cause streaks and smears. However, if you feel more comfortable having your solar panels maintained professionally, our experts at Greenhouse Solar are always available.     

Remove The Shade.

Solar panels must be kept free from shade to function optimally. Check during daylight hours for trees or plants that shade the panels and trim them back. If there are other obstructions, remove them if possible. 

Review The Solar Panel Monitoring System.

Double-check that the light of the inverters is flashing green. It is an indication that there are no problems with the system.   

Our experts at Greenhouse solar provide high-quality solar installation, back up power and maintenance in Morris County and Northern NJ, for both residential and commercial properties. If you need assistance with solar panel maintenance in the summer, please contact our team at Green House Solar today. We look forward to hearing from you.