Follow the Sun with the AllEarth Solar Tracker

Green House Solar is now installing the AllEarth Solar tracker as part of our continuing commitment to staying at the forefront of technology development in the residential and commercial solar industry.

What is Solar Tracking?

In the never-ending quest to make solar panels generate more electricity, it has long been known that putting your panels in the optimum position is key to overall efficiency in your solar installation.  When the Sun faces directly on your panels, they generate the most power and electricity. As the sun moves away, the angle against your panel becomes less direct, and generates less energy.

Solar tracking systems are now available that actually move the panels to follow the sun, keeping them at higher generation capacity for much longer.  These systems have come down in cost such that they can now be affordably deployed in many ground mount solar solutions. They have been proven to generate as much as 45% more energy than a fixed mount roof system. Fixed systems are only positioned at the optimal angle for energy production for a limited number of hours each day. With a dual-axis solar tracker, panels will always be oriented towards the sun, no matter the season or time of day, maximizing the solar-system energy production and resulting in up to 45% more energy. More power means a greater return on your solar investment, and energy savings you can take straight to the bank.

Green House installs AllEarth Dual-Axis Solar Tracker Systems

The AllEarth Solar Tracker produces up top 45% more energy than a fixed roof system and up to 30% more energy than a fixed ground- mount system. AllEarth Solar Trackers are a natural fit for small commercial solar installations, and rural farm installations, and have a proven track record of helping farms get more energy out of their land. You can feel good about this durable, reliable, American-made product, which has an industry-leading 120mph wind rating and comes with a 10-year system warranty to ensure your peace of mind.

The AllEarth Solar Tracker is a dual-axis solar tracker that uses innovative GPS and wireless technology to follow the sun throughout the day, producing up to 45 percent more energy than rooftop solar. With its ease-of-use features, high energy performance, and small footprint, the AllEarth Solar Tracker is a ground-mount solution that gives energy independence and the most return on your investment. The tracker is American-engineered and American-made, with rigorous lifecycle and wear testing to make sure the details are done right, guaranteeing that your system will have a long, reliable life. Key features include a wind rating of up to 120 mph with automatic high-wind protection settings, superior snowshedding capabilities, and a durable design that ensures that the tracker can withstand any climate, from desert heat to severe winter conditions.

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